How to stop an UG argument...

I farmed these pics from another thread, "Kirik may not own this site". What I noticed was that as soon as these pics came onto the scene heated debate and arguments faded on that thread.

So what I have been doing over the last couple of days is experimenting with them, every time I find a thread where people are fighting I drop one of these in and it has always worked... sometimes I had to drop in a couple of pics to get the effect that I want, but the end has always been them same.

Btw, all the women are nice looking on that thread, I just prefer them a little thicker and I prefer the tail over boobs that's why I'm not reposting the scrawny model pics. I'm just reposting the ones I like best.

Please, discuss, and by all means contribute.

Nice can

for the nipple

Carmen Electra

Asian with boobs

Asian with a butt

butt gif

two chicks


UPS butt***

thick chick

thick chick





beach volley ball

three butts

many butts

ttt for making love (to myself) not war

Ethan is good for the UG, IMO...

Thank you, Eddie.

I have my faults but I'm working on them. I hope that this step in the right dirrection makes up for some of my prior bad posts.

So uh, what were we arguing about again?

"How to stop a UG argument": saline implants, press-on nails, and spray-on orange tanner?

I can get all those things, but I'm not sure if I know how to use them...


What were we talking about again?

I veto breast implants, I prefer them natural.

Ethan for UG rep to the UN .........and like we say Love y Yesca or Mota ..............

thats nice on

You win !

ok what ever u say

nice showing! a good replacement of some of the "asses" on the UG, imo

haaaw man, this thread was near perfect before that. Could you please replace that with a hot female pic or two. Thank you. respectfully requested

The "Travis fulton the Boxer" thread would be a great control for this sociology experiment!! If you can stop the fighting on that thread you will be up for a Pulitzer!!!

Thats weird.... I don't feel like kicking anyone's ass!



Keep these threads coming!