How to tell if true Gameness Gi (made in US)?

OK, I have been thinking about ordering a new gi. I have a lucky one that I just don't like and might sell it (only wore it twice). So now I am looking into two gi's and don't know what pick.

1.) Gameness Platnium Weave (Blue)

2.) LA MKimonos (Black or white)

At this point I think from reading and everyones comments I am going to order the Gameness gi. The only issue is I found a few deals around the 130 mark, but have no idea of knowing if they are the true Gameness Gi or a knock off.

Web sites I have found the deals are Budovideo (sp?), Ground and pound, SSF and Are these good websites and companies for ordering Gameness Gi's?


budovideos is a good website for sure.

i have a lucky i want to sell too

Baroquen Record - i have a lucky i want to sell too

I think its a great gi...but the fit isn't for me. I have really long arms and right now the Atama Gold Weave and Spartan gi rocks. Now I want another nice one and Gameness comes to mind, but just want to get rid of the

Gameness gis are great. They have really long arms too! I have a student who ordered a Platinum Weave from Budo Videos and they sent him a Pearl. So, be careful if you order a Black 1. No one seems to have them.

I love the fit of my Lucky, what sizes are the Lucky's you guys want to sell?

Gameness makes great gis, but, like all other gi brands, they're made overseas. I think Gameness is made in Pakistan. Most are made in Pakistan, Brazil, or China. Therefore, don't think it's a knockoff just because it isn't made in America.

ps Does anyone know of any company that manufactures gis in factories right here in the USA?

The Green gi has not been released yet, but is supposed to be Made in USA.

All my gameness' are made in Pakistan.