How to train for a tournament

hey guys i was just wondering. im possibly going to be entering a jiu jitsu seminar in florida this september with a few of my training partners and my instructor trent lewis and this will be my first tournament and i was just asking if i could have some tips or certain things to train for.. i am 14 and have a white belt with one stripe on and have been training for 6 months but i am taught in the adult class.... thankss

Work on Takedowns and takedown defense. work on breathing many people hold their breath ! Cardio you will be suprised how much more cardio you will need for a 4-5 minute match in a tournament compaired to rolling in class for 5 minute rounds! This is because now you are in front of hundreds of people and it affects everyone differently.

hmmmmm ...thanks i will have to work on them takedown.. i only know a few judo throws

 Most tournaments are same day weigh in so Make sure you're in the proper  wight class well before the big day. I gone into a tournament heavy before and I didn't fair well. 

thanks for the tips guys it really gave me an ides of wat i need to train for

Trent will be able to help you quite a bit with this. Here are my own priorities when I'm training myself (or someone else) for a competition:

1) Takedowns (and takedown defense)
2) Guard Passing
3) Side Escapes
4) Submission Entries
5) Conditioning

Takedowns are under-emphasized at most gyms (though you are in good hands with Trent Lewis, who is also a Judo BB). Make sure you don't expend too much energy fighting from your feet.

2) Guard passing is where most people get (A) stuck or (B) caught. It's also an important opportunity to score points in a competition. Work your passing so that you can do so safely and without excess struggling.

3) Side escapes are crucial in order to stop someone from shutting you down. Like takedowns and guard passing, this is an area where you don't want to spend all of your energy.

4) Be willing to attempt entry after entry of your pet submissions. If you're only going to land 1 in 10, you'd better be going for 10 times as many attempts.

5) "Conditioning is the greatest [submission] hold." If you are successful, you may have as many as 6 or 7 fights to win your division. Be ready to work hard, and to work all day. Your ability to recover will be critical.

Good training to you!

do all of you guys really get ready for tournies ? everyone at our academy just keeps doing what they always do.maybe thats why we aint any good at them

Cardio is #1. Game is #2. By game I mean play your A game, impose it on your opponents. Don't do anything you're not 100% sure of either how or when.

if he's 14 he doesn't need to worry about cutting weight.

just understand that your opponent will seem to be trying a lot harder than in training and as a result you are going to get tired a lot sooner. get used to rolling tired. otherwise just have fun.

Honestly for a white belt, Cardio and Sub defense. They will spaz and as a result you will spaz. The combination of nerves and not wanting to fail will tax your system, adrenaline will dump and you will get drained, this is where conditioning will come into play.

what helped me a lot when i first started was that I made sure I had 2-3 moves for every position that I ended up and I drilled them. For example, if you get mounted try to at least practice 2 escapes that you know well. Drill your go to takedowns, passes, subs, sweeps. You don't need to know a lot, just know them well

Don't forget about drilling escapes from bad positions and submissions. You should also have some sort of game plan. If your opponent is a better wrestler and you can't take him down you might have to pull guard. So try to have a plan B. Hope that helps

Thank You everybody for your Advice!!! i feel like i know what i need to do train for now... we have been working on some single leg take downs recently so mr.twinkletoes thank you for the heads up. i do accually need to cutt 4 pounds to get to a lower divition just to have a better chance and i am white belt with one stripe, i am 14 but i do train with the adults which i think will help me in the long runn. training with bigger guys then myself...but again thank you all for the tips, i guess the rest is just up 2 me..

Peter Serendensky