How was the CJA Nationals???

First tournament in a while I could not attend. Any results? How was the tournament?

The much "hated" Sam Osman lost to a guy from warrior MAC in Gi (i dont know why every one hates him he seemed fine to me) I dont know why people make fun of him, he seems like he has a tremendous amount of skill and dominated pretty heavy on the mat. The tourny was good and i hope to compete in either next years or the bravado open soon.

I also apologise to Shilling and wo ever the young blue belt was before for my comments before editing this post i was misinformed.


are u refering to a nogi match ,because I was refing that match and he hurt his own leg by trying to pull it out.That "young asian blue blt" did not try to hurt him as u put it .



that "young asian blue belt" told me himself that the guy popped something in his leg by trying to pull it out. trust me, the kid is not the type that would do it

If that is what actually happend then i apologise to him for what i stated. He did though show tremendous skill pulling off a flying armbar and almost a flying triangle before getting "slammed"

Hey tony are you the Official who was working mat 1???
If so im the chubby guy who came and asked if u where going to hold the 225+ at the Bravado open, i was a little dissapointed to hear terry say that the 225+ is getting cut out of future tournaments

225+ will always remain. as per CJA regulations that have been approved by the athletics commisioner, no rules can be changes or amended unless the board of directors approves the changes. as of today no such thing exists.

Who are the board of directors????


if i said the names on the board ,you would not know who they are anyway, other than Dan Moroney.

but yes there will be a +225 division at the Bravado Open ,how many competitors we get ,we`ll have to wait and see.

From what I gather people don't dislike this "Sam Osman" guy, they just don't see the point of a guy who has been competing for over two years to be in the beginners division.

But that is the nature of a "league" type tournament.