How Will Rampage Fare in the UFC?

According to Sherdog browsers (7041 Votes):

-Fall short of expectations 15% I clicked on THIS

-Lose rematch to Liddell 30%

-Beat "Iceman" a second time 12%

-Capture and hold 205-lb. belt 11%

-Next UFC superstar 32%

Lose rematch to Liddell and Next UFC superstar.

"people like black gangstas"

Perhaps. But they have to keep winning I'd imagine. I don't think Rampage would do well. He's had very poor outings ever since Wanderlei destroyed him the second time. Yeah, he beat a couple of guys but he's never been the same. In fact, I honestly feel that Lindland won their bout. Rampage only came on strong for a short term at the end of the fight - not enough in my opinion. We will see what happens but I think that fans will be disappointed with Rampage. I sincerely hope I'm wrong. He seems like a cool guy.

that poll was created by an idiot, several of the options aren't mutually exclusive.

Rampage versus Griffin! Zuffa would NEVER make it happen. lol

"Rampage versus Griffin! Zuffa would NEVER make it happen. lol"

Why would they never make it happen? Griffin's popularity is not predicated on him being an undefeated title contender. Zuffa has been more than willing to bring in guys and let them make a name by beating TUF fighters.

I agree but not when it comes to Griffin. I feel that they protect him a bit more. They only matched him up with Tito because they felt he (Griffin) had a good chance of winning, and he almost did.

I have a feeling his going to disapoint people with lackluster performances. He'll and up becoming the Terrell Owens of MMA.