The new database is cool, but it scares me. That is how all the immature children got drawn into Sherdog. They Googled Chack Liddell, they clicked on his Fight Finder profile, they saw a link to the Sherdog forums and they went from there.


Good point. Up until now, we've avoided all the little trolls.

Pretty simple actually.

Ban. Like crazy.

That's why I like the idea of the up/down thing (minus the fact that I don't get that benefit it looks like.)

Noobs get thumbs down and mods remove.

Um, I think sherdog probably still makes a lot more money than, so they're probably hoping it sort of does become like sherdog. noobs=money

 Just chill. You guys need to understand there are going to be new fans. No way of stopping that. There will be good new fans and bad, stupid new fans.

The thing is, there are a lot of stupid old fans too.


Kirik just wants to make money. The answer is to copy Sherdog, copy their database, get more radio shows and a more mainstream look. Nothing wrong with that, another site will come around that will be the "Underground" instead.