How would you deal with this?

A buddy of mine told me this story that happened at his work place a couple of weeks back. Just wondering how you'd handle this situation if confronted with it. This is a bit long but worth the read. My friend told me some guy the size of Shaq walked into the office where he works in a state of rage. Apparently some investment of his didn't work out too well. He comes to the front desk and demands to see the President of the branch. The receptionist is a little, small framed lady in her early 20's and just did her job by telling the guy that he has to make an appointment ahead of time and can't just walk and expect to see him. The guy was livid and started yelling at the top of his lungs and ordered her to go in the office and tell him to come out "RIGHT NOW." The receptionist was terrified and went in the office to get help or direction on how to proceed. Apparently, she got sent back out to reiterate her first answer to him. The guy went bolistic and started screaming again. At this point, a secretary who is an older lady comes out to tell him that he has to calm down. This guy responds by punching this lady in the face and knocking her out. He then did the same thing to the receptionist and roughed her up in addition to punching her. I guess the President comes out when he hears what's going on. The guy just grabbed him and pounded the crap out of him. Some older employee saw him getting beat and tried to stop him by putting a head lock on him. He also got a bad beating too. When the guy was finished, he left and entered the elevator. People assumed he was gone and were trying to attend the 4 people he attacked. The guy comes back a minute later and grabs the President from the floor while semi-concious and proceeds to beat on him again. He eventually leaves and gets arrested on the ground floor of the building after all of the damage is done. My friend told me that he was out of the office that day but apparently while this was happening, there were quite a few young guys in the office who were aware that this guy had attacked the women and just stayed out of it. They just hid from it in the safety of the office. Just wondering how some of you would handle this situation. Bear in mind the guy is the size of Shaq and is on a warpath. He was probably much stronger in that state of mind than normal. Discuss.

Fuck man that sucks but ya got to do something. Chairs, pencils, any object I could use as a weapon would be used in that case.

My red headed temper would kick in...

Not a big fan of seeing girls get punched out (Unless it's by another girl) ;)

If you consider yourself a man at all you HAVE to do something...

Chairs would be flying... :)

Agreed. My sentiments exactly. I was surprised enough by the story especially the part about a guy that size punching women in the face. But what surprised me more was the reaction of the men in the office. At least 5 of them could have subdued him to some extent if they rushed them. It looks like the only man in that situation addition to the President was the older employee who tried to save him.

Fear can be very paralyzing, you really don't know how you will react until it happens. It's one thing to get in a barfight where in all likelyhood the doorman will stop you from being killed but when you realize you are probably on your own and could get hurt very bad things are quite different. I'd like to think that I would do something.

Maybe try to recruit 3 other guys (1 guy per limb) and tie him up with my belt (there's a very effective way to make handcuffs out of a belt).

improvised weapons - chairs, pencils, phone cords to strangle with, detachable receiver to whack with.

Failing group tactics, try and take out a knee. Big guys have knees the strength of small guys, but with more weight on them so they'll damage easier.

Or maybe wave a banana at him to lure him outside?

Choke Him Out!

I did it at least a hundred times for years at Night Clubs with all kinds of Monsters!

Bikers, Weight Lifting Steroid Freaks, every weekend.

You get allot a practice when you are involved in 10 to 20 fights a weekend at work Thursday through Sunday.

They all go to sleep the same way. Then wake up out side in a police car and don't remember a thing.

Other wise your just have to keep hitting him until he stops. Good Luck

For the non trained, Improvised Weapons. Knife, Garbage Cans, Chairs, Paper Weights, Glass ash trays, Letter openers, Tables, Shit if you could get enough guys together him with the walk in vault. LOL

Mass attack! If everyone goes at once, it can be done. Someone just has to have the balls to lead the charge.

Scott Schilling

I would have snuck-up behind him, jumped on his back
and choked him TF out!

Dirt Deeds ....

Done Dirt Cheap....

first; receptionist did not do her job. when you're dealing with an angry client you just don't tell them 'you can't walk in unexpected'. ( cause you can):) if she would have said let me see if he is in his office and calm him down, nomatter what size he is, i guarantee you that no one would have been hurt! nothing you can't solve with words! as for the young guys being in the office and not getting involved: sad, but it is a reality. ...


Crazy world we live in.

What Wayne-o said.

Bag him!

Usually some de-escalation skills work well with people in that case. The receptionist shouldn't have got confrontational. If I walked in before the explosion I would have tried to de-escalate the issue. Pay attention to the guy. Listen to what he has to say. Take him aside and spend some time trying to find out what went wrong. People usually want to get their point across and when given the time they will say it rather than punch it.

But I have to admit that if that didn't work and I had walked in on this **** pounding some lady then there would have been 145lbs of fightin' fury hurling everything but this kitchen sink at this ***hole as I was coming at him.

**edited for profanity. Sorry guys**

"Heyyy... remember that time.. when that 7 foot monster came in here and SMACKED US all around and then you guys hid under your desk? Ha.(Pause)..... WAIT. That wasn't cool. OR funny, actually...."