How YOU can help someone - Priole

This was forwarded to me by email:

"Everyone by now is aware that our Jiu-Jitsu community is trying to help as much as we can our friend Joe Priole. Joe made it home this past week and until his next chemo comes around we would like to ask whoever has some jiujitsu, fighting , mma etc... tapes old or new to send it out to him so he can spend his days distracting himself. Those tapes will be greatly appreciated.
Feel free to write him a warming letter if you feel like it. But keep in mind that Joe has no health insurance and he still needs money to pay for his medical bills.

Thank you so much for your efforts and help

Here is the address for Joe's Cancer Fund
Joe Priole Cancer Fund

528 Mt. Laurel Rd.

Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054"

If you can send money, please do so. If you can send money and a tape, that would be even better. If you can't send money, please take the time to dust off one of your fight tapes and send it to Joe.



Amen! God bless you Joe Priole.


I talked to Joe's mother and father 2 weeks ago and Joe's health has improved. I think he is in stable condition. As soon as he is well enough to talk they said I could interview him for a story for the paper..

Its a night before the Russia vs USA show and its about 45 minute drive...