Howard Gis for sale

I've got 3 size 6 comp. single Howard Combat Kimonos for sale, and one size 5 old style summer Gi (the one with the collar that's near impossible to choke someone with). All in good condition, no tears or signs of wearing, all pants are the right size too as I've never machine dried them. No patches on any of them so you could wear them at any school.

Price $120 ea.

Anyone in Melbourne inetersted let me know. Money desperately needed to pay for race tires :(

whats a gi?

bull neck, you still riding those crappy Jap crotch rockets? Get a real bike, get a CHOPPER!!!!

I saw your ad up at the club and it's getting quite a bit of attention, you should be getting a call some time soon about your gi's.

cisemek - LOL at that. I prefer bikes that can go, stop and turn properly. Tell people that even though it says $150, I'll take $120.

bull neck, you know me, I'm an attention whore, if the bike isn't loud enough to wake up the neigbours 4 suburbs away, then I'm not interested. Choppers look awesome, they basically say "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!!!"

Goddamn it, I want the size 5 but I'm in Tassie :( Coming over in April though??

If you add in extra for P&H I'll send them to you.


Hmm... You find out how much extra it would be, and my people will talk to your people!

I'm waiting...