huerta is overly dramatic

yeah..he lived a fucked up life, but still..that shit was years ago and a lot of people have been through worse...this isnt a made for TV afterschool need to feel that sorry for yourself

go ginzu


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Wow, you created a troll account for one disrespectful post.  I bet your daddy thinks you're cool.

"People havebeen through worse"

People have always been through something worse than someone else. "Worse" is subjective, anyway. It doesn't lesser what he's been through it to any degree.

 shoulda just used your regular account for this shitty thread

LOL @ People not remembering Goku.

hey you tuf season 6 veterans...dont hate on me just because im an affliction noob

 I think its a recycled name

Fuzzy Dunlop - you know, im not a gay man but if i was i would

fuck roger huerta (NO HOMO)

You posted this on 2 separate threads.

That, fren, is WAY homo.

Fuzzy Dunlop - you know, im not a gay man but if i was i would

fuck roger huerta (NO HOMO)

So far I've read three gay remarks. And that's all that I've READ. I think you are gay.

Huerta is definitely playing the sympathy angle hard, and it's very disrespectful to people actually living "it."

The "Whoa is me. I walked to school barefoot and went to class with a contact high from my child-molesting grandpa's morning crack smoking" type garbage.

Being a mentor for homeless and abused children, I've heard much worse.. And NOT from the kid's mouths--I hear it from various counselors that are in contact with the children. The kids just live and are full of joy to get to go out and have fun at the court or batting cage or wherever. They don't dwell on the past or try to suck out sympathy from strangers.

fatso is correct.

first of all lol@getting beaten by a salvadorian woman. try getting beaten by a Korean father!

second of all, yeah, he was in war torn El Salvador for how long? 1 year? what about people in the middle east--all they know is war.

third of all, he didnt really get abandoned, he fucked himself up on drugs and got kicked out/ran away.

he went to a nice high school and college and got adopted by a nice old white woman.

the ufc is pushing roger like no other person in the history of the ufc

he is dating arianny

in short, STFU!

dude when did you get banned?

i don't know what you are talking about.

i watched the affliction show and became an mma fan and found this place.

This thread is actually funny if one knows who goku is/was

"i don't know what you are talking about."

BJ Penn sucks

" get off the guys back man, that was a touching story. there will always be a much worse story to the next but thats his story

its what made him the top P4P fighter that he is today

hes been through a struggle

not like florian who was raised by doctors with a mansion
Roger had it rough

even though he has the stunning good looks, it was hard for him

show some sympathy"

florain almost fell off a cliff and almost died...i didnt see him crying buckets and saying f this and f that...

Diego stole my name - "i don't know what you are talking about."

BJ Penn sucks dare u

this thread is correct...this passage of the show was just gay

when a frenchman calls you gay, that means you are might as well get your dick sliced off!

i'm so sick of the whiny little fucking prick. he's lucky he's not cutting dana's lawn with a pair of scissors that ungrateful little rodent.

boo fuckin hoo maybe he should quit mma and start making those late night infomercials to feed the children that the planet would be better off without.

overpopulation is a bitch.