Huerta v/s Evans? reported that Huerta is fighting Doug Evans, 2-0 mma, June 23. I can understand moving Huerta to this event for the ratings, but why not a TUF contestant or at least a better known fighter?

So Huerta can put on a clinic.

It was on 2 weeks notice.

Huerta vs. Wiman needs to happen. Why have Huerta face another can?


Sucks to be Doug Evans. I can't help but think about what people were saying before Edgars/Griffin though.

for sure they bring in some no-name to make him look good. and for sure its backfired alot, like with jardine

this fight is JUNK.....

Why not give Huerta a fight that will move him closer to a title fight. I guess they dont wan tto hurt his record.

Evans is 2-0. Wiman is 6-4.

"Evans is 2-0. Wiman is 6-4"

Wiman lost a dec to Roger where alot of people thought Wiman had won.

"Evans is 2-0. Wiman is 6-4"

Wiman is 6-3 and got screwed when he fought Huerta the first time.

Hasn't the UFC been noticing what happens whenever they set up these fights to showcase one of their stars? 

 Evans by KO rd. 1.

Huerta vs Gomi, Huerta vs Melendez, Huerta vs Kawajiri .. why the fuck hasn't the UFC put these fights together? Why buy Pride if you're just going to let the talent sit with potential fights of the year on the table?

I've always been a huge supporter of Joe Silva, but I'm starting to think he's slipping.

^^ LOL @ this

what is his record?  Sherdog has him at 3-10

Evans is far from 2-0. No disrespect to the guy but I don't see how they could justify giving him a shot in the UFC unless they re-do his record similar to what they did for Tiger White when he fought Chuck.

Roger Huerta has a 17-1-1 record. What Huerta are you guys talking about?

Sherdog has him at 3-10

No, he's 2-0, it's the other Douglas Evans.  He fought Alaska.

Huerta is taking the fight with 2 weeks notice only. That is why he is facing a "can"

He was still slated to be on the UFC 74 card in August and still might be on it if he gets by unscathed.

Wiman got beat up in the first fight against huerta and he's 6-4

I requested approx. 2 weeks ago to fight Huerta again, but the UFC said No, they wanted Huerta to fight an already established UFC guy now that he is who he is. I said cool, i understood. Then, However, I read on the internet he's fighting Evans (non UFC guy 2-0) on the TUF Finale. That made no sense to me. Why couldn't that have been me? People would like to see us fight, and finish what we started. In my mind, Huerta and I have unfinished business because of me getting injured 10 days before my fight (after spending 4 grand on the road for 8 weeks training for him, and then getting hurt at the last, It's only natural for me to want to continue and complete what i set out to do last summer. (which was fight Roger Huerta.) UFC said No. Jason Reinhardt