HUGE Wrestling Sex Scandal & PRIDE

Although their involvement is indirect, DSE was connected to RING OF HONOR in some financial form.

For those who don't know, check out FIGHTWORLD.COM for the info.

I've posted several links to not only enlightening articles but a govt document.

Bottom line, if you're going to bang 14-year-old boys from the internet, you better hope it's not an NBC camera crew posing as the boy! :)

hmmmm. is abc ok?

Good Lord........

Honestly, from the story on your website, it sounds like the guy was a sleazebag, but that DSE is not implicated (just my opinion). After all, the guy hooked up on his own with the "14 year old boy"- i.e., the boy wasn't provided by some higher-up in a sex ring or something.
But since the fightsport jagoffs love to smear the Fertittas with all sorts of baloney because their names end in vowels, I have to say the connection in this case is pretty amusing.


pretty retarded article/connection

is osborne trolling? surely he can't be serious to draw a connection from Feinstein to Pride

Dude! It's public record that Feinstein has received some kind of financing from DSE.

The strange part is, Japanese press is keeping quiet on this for some reason.

Check out Zach Arnold's site. He actually has the video from NBC busting Feinstein.

Definitely not a troll post. Pretty big ass story in wrestling right now, DSE involvement is still being made clear. Japanese press isn't on it yet, but is expected to be soon. No good comes from that.

Yes, he's RF Video. He literally made several million off of bootlegging and then turned a guy in for bootlegging who now faces prison time.

Feinstein made tons of enemies throughout the years. It's safe to say very few people are "sad" about what happenend to him.

Big Deal.

What does this whole incident prove? Feinstein's a sleazebag and a loser? Sure. I think most people knew this already.

Fienstein did not diddle anyone, nor does showing up on the door-step of someone pretending to be a horny 14 year-old constitute any crime that I know of. In fact, if anyone has taken time to read the transcript between Feinstein and this "14 year-old," it almost looks like entrapment... The hook-up between Feinstein and the guy play-acting as the 14 year-old was completely consensual--there was no coercion nor violence nor power involved in the "pretend" relationship. They're catching Feinstein on a technicality (age of consent). If this pretend hook-up happened were to have taken place in Canada, this would be a legal non-issue--it might be an ethical one, but we can't (or shouldn't) enforce ethics or good sense.

Should Feinstein step down from both RF Video and ROH. Definitely. But I don't think he should see prison time--and I'm positive he won't.

What does this have to do with DSE? I'm not sure. I can't see how their seed money really financed Rob's large indiscretions... I like Zach Arnold, but he and alot of other people are blowing this case out of proportion, and I'm really perplexed how in any way Pride will be involved.

The blacklisting he will get from society will be far worse than any prison time...

Dude's a fucking scumbag, so are you for defending him. Fuck you.


DSE's at fault? WTF? Yeah Bob Sapp hooked Fernstein up with that 14 year old boy. It all makes sense now.

This is awesome!

Feinstein already resigned his positions at RF and ROH last week.

What a sick son of a bitch! May he rot in hell! I live a half hour from RFVideo and it took 2 fucking months to get my tapes! Oh, and the child molesting is bad, too.

Oh please. The only thing that DSE has to worry about is if ROH goes out of business because people associate it with Feinstein. And that's not much of a worry, because ROH was just a small indy fed and any stake they had in that promotion is nothing compared to what they earn from Pride.

Random pedophiles have worked for all sorts of large companies at one point or another. If some guy who works for General Motors is caught molesting children, they don't shut down GM ans quit selling cars just because he worked for that company. This thread is the silliest thing I've heard in a long time.

Well, this thread is less silly than all the "Fertitta is in the mafia because he has an Italian name" crap that gets posted.

"Dude! It's public record that Feinstein has received some kind of financing from DSE.
The strange part is, Japanese press is keeping quiet on this for some reason."

Because its not really a big deal for DSE to have financial ealings with ROH and RFVideo. Sure, Feinstein's a sleazbag, but no one in his own company, let alone DSE, knew anything about his extracurricular activities.

About two years ago, some account executives for a major PR firm were caught on video with underage Hatian prostitutes. Doesn't mean those companies were to blame, it means that those guys were assholes.