Hughes / GSP

After reading about how many of you think GSP is going to beat Hughes, i will put my money where my mouth is.

Hughes will not decision GSP, he will completely stop him, and if you think otherwise you are a fool.

To quote Forrest Gump "im not a rich man jenny", but I am willing to bet 100 bucks on this fight.

Respected green namer Vlucero will vouch for me, that i am an honest gambler. I dont bet that often, but when you see a sure thing you go for it right.

So any GSP nut huggers out there, bring it on.

(I like GSP by the way, but he doesnt stand a chance)

hughes will win... good luck on ur bet though..

TTT this for an honest taker.

Thanks guys




is that a taker?

email me.


still no takers

Too early to say. The GSP that fought Sherk and BJ, then I'd consider taking the bet, I dunno now,the fight is getting overdue and we don't even know when it's supposed to happen do we?

I'm an honest guy. I'll bet you.

I'll bet you that you are right.