Hughes Kicking Serra's Ass

maybe im just bitter . i just hate to think that serra is going to hold the title for a day longer without actually having to defend. that is fucked up

It was the UFC's idea to have him and Hughes coach TUF6.  Blame Dana and the hype machine for him holding the belt so long without defending.  If not for the hype machine, Hughes and Serra would have already fought; or GSP would have already had his rematch.


You must REALLY dislike Serra...that's cool. But to imply that he should try and train/fight anyway after this type of injury is just Silly.

I hate it as much as anyone (I'm a Serra fan, and was looking forward to him crushing Hughes). I'm also a big fan of MMA in general, and understand that crap like this just happens. Frustrating as is it is, the right decision was made. From what I have heard, Serra can't even get out of bed right now.

I also really dislike the decision that was made that gives Hughes/GSP and "interim title". But I understand the sport, and understand they won't go that long without ANY champ. So now I find myself in the same uncomfortable position as Serra -- routing for Matt Hughes to somehow upset GSP, so Serra can beat Hughes ass next year.


i know who you are. stop writting it after every message. that shit is annoying