Hughes v Penn 2 (GSP please wait)

When BJ Penn came back to the UFC I thought he should fight Hughes immediately for the title. BJ won it from Hughes legitimately in the cage. Hughes got the title because of "business" which stripped BJ of the belt.

Now when BJ returned he decided to take on the #1 contender and then go for the titleshot. I know he lost to GSP but I think it is well within his right to get a titleshot even after that loss because if he requested one on his return he should have deserved it anyways.

I really like GSP and as much as I would like to see him fight Hughes I think he shouldn't rush into it if he has an injury. This is second shot for him and it was already a tough enough road for him to earn this shot so I think he should wait till he is in perfect shape before taking the fight. Don't try to "man-it-up" and pretend all is good and fight Hughes injured. I, for one, don't see that as brave but stupid.

So unless GSP is fully healed he should opt to wait and I vote for Hughes v Penn for UFC 63 to decide to legitimate champion and GSP gets the titleshot when he is fully healed.

UFC make it happen!

i would like to see it happen but I disagree with you.

first of all if BJ wins, it's all out of wack cuz GSP had already beaten BJ. A BJ vs GSP rematch should not be BJ defending his title.

I see where you are coming from but I think Hughes and Penn has some unfinished business to settle in the cage. It was Penn's choice to take on the #1 contender before a titleshot. I'm just saying if Penn requested a titleshot when he came back to the UFC he would have deserved it without having to fight anyone first.

Penn was the former WW Champion and he didn't lose his title to Hughes in a title defence, he didn't lose it to anyone. It's just my opinion but the legitimacy of the title should have been settled immediately but it wasn't.

If Penn beats Hughes then GSP fights Penn. I'd pay to see that fight again, hopefully we'll see a 100% effort from Penn fighting a GSP that isn't seeing double for 2.5 rounds after the eyepoke and it gets to be a 5 round war!

how about a UFC welterweight 4 man tournament--to be resolved all in one night

BJ Penn, GSP, Diego, Karo

winner fights Hughes a couple months after

^^That doesn't make any sense at all. Karo and BJ just lost their last fights to the other two you mentioned. Round 1 of that tournament is complete

oh yeah my bad haha. I just wanna see them fight again, and fight each other twice in one night!

If hughes gets out of round one bj will slow way down and hughes will control the fight and get the decision. Just like the gsp fight bj will just cruise and one point and get beat.