Hughes vs Fihlo


9/10 times Filho wins.

dunno about that...

matt at 190 has a very similar body and game to interesting.

Fihlo is a master at jiu-jitsu like Penn, but only bigger and stronger. Hughes would be in trouble IMO.

does Fihlo sub people .... with more than a kimura or other power move?
haven't seen many of his fights..looks like a control/ground and pound type guy like hughes.


It would probably look like Penn vs Hughes 1 if Filho fights Hughes (minus the kiss).

Very interesting match up. I think Filho would win the submission war but the stand up game, though I havent seen much of Filho's stand up, I think the edge would go to Matt. But on the ground, it would just be a all out war and I'd really love to see this fight.

After Matt's win over BJ, I think this would be a highly competitive fight.

Ultimately, Fedor wins everything. That's redundant.


"No, ultimately, Fedor does not win"


Filho vs. Chuck.


"Filho vs. Chuck.


I'd pick Chuck in the cage 9/10. In the ring, maybe Chuck 7/10. His takedown defense and power is too great for Paulo, giving up 25 pounds, to get inside and a takedown with any degree of regularity.

I think comparing a guy who walks at 190 to a guy who walks at 200 is a more fitting matchup than 200-225.

Although to be perfectly fair, Filho has fought at 205 and been successful. Hughes has been shaky in his performances at 185.