Hulett's Back! teach a seminar. I've been gone for a minute guys and things in Vegas are going well -- so well in fact that I've launched my seminar series where I can show you guys the stuff that actually works out here with the UFC guys. I'm teaching a seminar in my hometown of Hattiesburg, MS on March 13th and am looking to line another one up in the Birmingham area. Talk to me guys, let's make this happen...and go to my website. I've been working hard out here:

I'd be interested in coming to Hattiesburg to train. I'm currently living in Mobile so it's not that bad of a drive.

 ttt, you're suppossed to be in Vegas so I can call you next time I'm there (late spring/ early summer)

Tiger Woods just said he'll be back down that way and might be interested in learning your form of horizontal jiu-jitsu.