Hulk Hogan vs Iron Shiek VID ???

I've been looking for this, but have had no luck. Does anyone have the vid where Hulk Hogan 1st won the WWF title in'84 from Iron Shiek ?? Please post or link. Thankyou ! can check it out at... 

no seriously....that thing is da bomb ;p

wtf?? The Hulk Hogan grill? Foreman needs to slap the taste out of Hogan's mouth for trying to pull a stunt like that.

Whatcha gonna do George Forman when my grill and the Hulkamaniacs run wild on you?

Picture a 5 minute intro with a 10 second squash. Leg drop. 3 count. It's over.

That's the match.


The grill thing's been done before--you missed the boat on it...

lmfao @ "3 easy payments of $33.33". Who the fukk is willing to pay that much for a god damn grill. Foreman's takes this by first round KNOCK OUT!!

btw, here is Hogan's account of the Foreman grill situation. It's not clearly whether he was offered it before Foreman or not. I'd say at that time (1995) Foreman was a bigger commodity than Hogan anyway.

"[Hulk] Hogan's biggest news, however, is his latest business venture. "Brother, I'm getting ready to knock out George Foreman's ass," he said. "I'm getting to launch Hulk Hogan's Ultimate Grill next month and it's going to be poetic justice. True story. About 10 years ago, my agent Henry Holmes calls me up and leaves a message that he wanted to talk to me and George about a grill and a blender. I get home late and call Henry to see what was up with this grill and blender. By this time George had already agreed to do the grill, leaving me with the blender and the rest is history -- 400 million bucks later, George is sitting pretty and I've got this blender. The truth is I made about 400 grand off it, but it was this little machine where you put eights ounces of protein and water and it blended and then after a couple times it would take a fart and would never work again."

Come on stop lying folks know your intrigued :P

Dude you can make waffles on that thing....f'ing waffles..tell me that's not hot!!!