Hunt vs Mir!

I honestly don't know who to pull for I like both guys. Either way should be an exciting fight. Phone Post 3.0

Just saw this.

Don't know who to support?????

HUNT ALL DAY Phone Post 3.0

Hunt's ever-improving TDD coupled with his vastly superior striking should win him the fight, IMO.

I feel like Mir is going get his brains scrambled like he did against Carwin.

:-/ Phone Post 3.0

A determined hunt, is a dangerous hunt

Mir is the lamb to the slaughter or hangi
As it may be Phone Post 3.0

Frank by sub come on!!! Phone Post 3.0

Frank is going to sleep Phone Post 3.0

Murr is going to be taking a nap in this one I reckon Phone Post 3.0

War Hunt!

My little bros are going to this one. Messaged me this morning.

I always always count Mir out but this one is a defo bad match up for him Phone Post 3.0

War Hunto!!! Phone Post 3.0