Hurricane Urijah Hits Florida Next Week!!!

Live Wednesday September 10th from the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood Florida

9:00  P.M EST   6 P.M. PST on Versus

WEC and Versus... It's ON!

Go to and enter your zip code for local channels and times.


 <!--StartFragment-->Featherweight World Title Bout 5 Rounds/o:p

Mike Brown vs Urijah Faber


Middleweight World Title Bout 5 Rounds/o:p

Chael Sonnen vs Paulo Filho


Featherweight Bout 3 Rounds/o:p

Leonard Garcia vs Jens Pulver/o:p

 Middleweight Bout 3 Rounds/o:p


Danillo Villefort vs  Jake Rosholt/o:p





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Sucks to be Mike Brown.

I'm pretty sure you title is in bad taste. I'm not sure, I'll ask someone in Florida.