hurt neck advice? (stinger)

I have hurt my neck. I have a lot pain and stiffness in my back and neck. I also have numbness in my left arm. I have seen a chiroprator twice for adjustments. After the chiroprator most of the pain is gone but I still have some numbness/tingling in my left arm. ANY ADVICE I what I should do? Some people tell me massage might help?


Wade....Cervical traction at a chiropractic office will do wonders for any type of compression irritation problems....I'm not talking about just adjustments...I'm talking about "cervical traction"....coupled with massage and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stim)

It will basically "stretch out" the area and allow the intervertebral discs to reabsorb as well as reduce the irritation to the affected nerve or nerves.


Um....cervical? are you sure that you're talking about the same thing we're talking about....?

I have some neck pain...have had it for a good 6 months now, I think I slept on it wrong...but it wont go away, how much is a chiropractor for an adjustment? it sounds like something's grinding every time I move my neck, I KNOW that's now natural...

Let me give you some legitimate advice. First off, forget the chiropracter for now. You need to get an MRI done. A pinched nerve is usually the result of your discs bieng compressed together, and flushing out fluid in your neck. You may have a couple compressed discs in your neck. This is not something to just play off like "Oh that couldnt have happened." I did the same thing, and the pain got horrible. I took my MRI, and it showed I had two compressed discs between C4 and C5, and C6, and C7. The result of this is a shooting pain from my neck, to my wings, down through my arm. That numbness, and tingling, is the pinched nerve aspect. You need to get an MRI done. An MRI is NOT AN XRAY. So if your insurance tries to say, theyre the same, or just get the Xray, refuse, and demand an MRI. Make up symptoms if you have to, to get the MRI done.

Any questions, Ill be happy to help bro.

Should I try the MRI first? My pain isn't to the extent of wade's, but i still have had pain for the last like, 6 months.....

Go to the health and medical forum and check out "Bad C5/6 Herniation" and "Blew a disc in my neck" threads. Also, stop training until you get an MRI. If you have a herniation, additional impact could be dangerous.

That's twice in two days I've heard mention of a health and medical forum, I didn't even know that we HAD one,lol.


Sounds like you have a herniated or a ruptured disc in your neck. You need to see a neurologist and get an MRI done, forget the chiropractor for now. The neurologist can look at the MRI and determine if you need physical Therapy, cervical traction, massage ect...I do not want to worry you but it is serious and you should take action A.S.A.P I went through the same thing a few years ago so I know what it's like.

Good Luck,


Yeah, forget the chiro. I had the same symptoms. You likely a nerve injury with or without disc damage. I spent a month trying a chiro, then a DO gave me a "shock" pack of prednisone (sp)cortico-steroid tabs and in 48 hrs I was 99% better.

Brother you got to get rid of the inflamation first so ice and anti-inflammatories. Secodn get a EMS divice one with russian stimualtiona to keep those muscles firing and strong. Exercise as well if you can to keep the blood goingot injury to heal. Sound like you might have a disc herniationon C5-C7. Get your self one of those memory foam contour pillows to sleep on unitl you get healthy. Attempt to avoid sleeping on your side.

Icing will just numb the pain for a little while. You do need antinflamatories. I would not suggest vicadin, as it will shrink your muscles. I was on relafen, and then went on celebrex... Then I went and strengthened my neck back.

I have dislocated my elbows (both), broken my finger, and forearm, throughout my life, and I can say nothing in my life was near the amount of pain I was in from my neck injury.

Its mentally, and physically crippling. I wish you the best of luck.

You need to see a neurologist, and get your MRI done. If you have had pain for the last 6 months, Im sorry, but Im almost positive you have a herniation, or slippage of a disc. You must have also lost some strength, in your bicep, and tricep of one of your arms, correct?

have you got any idea on what caused it? I get them pretty frequently the day after throwing a lot of left hooks on the bag. I can wake up feeling fine and turn my head and bam, I can't turn my neck for like 2 days. I'm sure getting the neck cranked on has something to do with it, but it seems throwing punches and elbows is what consistently does it to me.

Try ART (Active Release Thereapy) at a chiropracter. It is a form of massage that did wonders for me and my shitty neck.

I have never got it from boxing. I got it from consistant triangles. When I used to get triangled, I wouldnt tap, and stand up...well when your standing straight up, and you're supporting a 200 pound man on your neck, who is pulling down your neck at the same after day, your gonna fuck it up.

I used to be pretty stupid during training. I regret it now.

Bag work got me but triangles and sliding collar chokes didn't help things. I've heard of it lasting 6 mo before.

I have noises in my neck that will make most people queezy. I had scoliosis that was not paid attention to as a youngster, and as an adult, my right shoulder blade started to dig into my rib cage. (or vice versa.) as a result, I have a ton of problems with that part of my body, especially when I'm stressed out. It sucks. But it can be dealt with. Here are my recommendations.

1.)MRI: don't care what your MD says, tell him to suck it and order one or you're seeing somebody else.
2.)PT: can work wonders with the right guy/gal. Most PT's suck for sports medicine stuff, but you never know...
3.)If you're going to take any controlled substance for your neck, stick with something like celebrex (the only AI that ever worked for me, personally, and screw the stuff you're hearing in the's nothing. Vioxx is worth staying away from though), and a strong muscle relaxer. Trust me: you don't want to get into the vicodin/percocet shit unless you absolutely have to. (I also had an under/misdiagnosed herniated and bulging disc for several years that caused nerve damage, so I'm on oxycodone for pretty much the rest of my life. Take my word for it on hte pain pills, as fun as they may be to you now, they're not fun when you need them!)I'd recommend Skelaxin or Soma. Some benzodiazepines work good for this stuff too (and just about everything else ;): xanax, klonopin, valium, etc., etc.. Flexiril supposedly works great on a lot of people but never did shit for me (either didn't do a thing or made me too tired to function). Hopefully it can work for you.

Whatever you take, don't exceed your dose and talk to your doc about how much the max should be when you're having one of those "death's door" days.

Work your neck too. Start with a ridiculously low weight and work your way up from there, slowly, and with good form.

There are a lot of smart MD's onboard here to give recommendations too. Take a little bit of everybody's advice.