HW opportunity - Turn the page.

Why all of the whining and negativity? Fire Dana and praise Randy, blah... blah... blah... Lets move forward and close this chapter. I want to see people fighting for the HW strap that want to be there. The money is growing with the sport for the fighters.

Randy - If I was 44 and in his position I'd quit too. It's a good career move. It is most likely in his best financial and legacy interests at this point. My guess is that he wanted Fedor to sign so he could renogotiate for one last fight. Win or lose he goes out a legend in the sport and a super paycheck.

Those of us that have been around awhile have seen Randy fight like the best and we have seen him beaten, both on multiple occasions. Always a threat, but he certainly wasn't the top talent in the world. Look at his record, very accomplished, but not dominant consistently by any means.

He is doing the right thing for his legacy, picking and choosing his spots.

Fedor - Apparantely he didn't want to find out if he was the best in the world too bad. This way many of you will be able to claim his dominance like the other former Pride fighters. He won't have to take the chance of being exposed. Maybe he is the best and would have been dominant in the cage, but at this point we will never know.

Say what you want, but I'm sure there was plenty of money on the table. The UFC is a business, I'm sure they looked at all angles and resources.

Drop all of the Dana and/or UFC hate. They have the best organization in the world right now and will build the HW division to where it needs to be. Without the two fighters that want to pick and choose. It will be a setback, but the UFC is the future.

I know the UFC isn't into tournaments anymore, but what better way to get people pumped up about the HW division?

Tournament to find a Champion. With the current roster they could have a very exciting tournament to bring some life into the division without the other two fighters.

People would get excited about it and it could provide some healing to the weight class. Consider the match-ups and possibilities.