HW vs. LHW weights

How much does the average HW weigh? Some are 250-265, but wouldn't you agree the the average HW fights around 225 lbs? Now how much to the top 20 LHWs weigh at fight time? I'd say 215-225.

This is the real reason that the UFC's pre Pride HW's sucked, 'cause most of the good ones where fighting at LHW.

My point is, if you weigh more then 215 lbs, you're a HW! Ken Shamrock, when we all thought he was the worlds strongest dude, was what, 212? Fry 208? Marco 215? These where and are HWs.

I know this is becoming FRAT, but I'm drunk and I'm not going to stop. Please, put LHW at 195 - then we'll see the most exciting HW class ever and it will stay that way. At least move LHW back to 199! Where is should be and was till Tito couldn't make it.

being able to fight at heavyweight these days has more to do with your frame size than overall mass.