Thoughts on this drug for lowering BP?

Also any thoughts on the DASH diet for BP? Is this diet only effective if you have high colesterol?

it works.

Do you have any first hand experience with water pills?

Using a mild diuretic should have less potential side-effects than the other types of hypertension meds.

If diet and hydridiuryl work for you, great.

I want to get the BP under control with out the drug. I know that once you have high BP it is not something that you generaly just get rid of but I have to try before I start taking drugs.

Thanks for the comments.

ya Im a cardiac nurse. but I wouldnt take it if your just using it for a dieuretic.

Also I had some high bp myself, went on a signifigant diet. No added sodium, and most of my food from vegtables and meat

I have high BP :( it goes up and down. I take my BP with a lifesource cuff that the VA gave me about twice a day. In the past several days its been 139/62, 132/61, 144/71,125/66/ and today it was 132/70. My pulse is always in the mid to low 50s.

The Doc put me on Hydrochlorothiazide and did not talk to me about diet at all :(

how old are you? and is that your bloodpressure while you are on hctz?

Hey sourcheese

I am 29 and I have not started taking the hctz.

Well, Im not your doctor, and what I deal with is patients over 40 or so with more serious complications than a little bp, but my thought is that your blood pressure isnt that high. not high enough to warrent starting on hctz at the age of 29.

So many factors can change your bp before you do that. Do more cardiovascular exercise, eliminate extra sodium from your diet... (including fucking canned soups, processed meats, and fast foods)

Lower your high fat diet content, eat turkeyburgers instead of hamburgers (or the 90% fat free stuff) eat more salads.. stuff like that.

That will lower your bp, cholesterol, and overal make your body healthier. Put shit in, and your body will get sicker as you grow older.

Or just take a pill.

Your choice, but thats my advice. Diet management first with exercise... and failing 3 months of that, then go to a bp med. Your blood pressure isnt high enough nor are you old enough to to worry that you need to get on a blood pressure med right now or else.

Use smart butter instead of regular butter. drink skim milk instead of whole milk. Get your bread from stuff like a hippy store... eziekiel bread is awesome... use that instead of processed generic white bread, or wheat bread.

Use whole wheat pasta with flax seed meal instead of normal egg noodle pasta.

Diet is sooo fucking huge. Im 30 going on 31, a lot of girls I know think Im close to 26, I can run 8 miles and after eating right my body is soo much healthier now. skin, pulse, everything

Thanks for the info sourcheese.

I have started counting my Na intake and am keeping it at less than 1500mg per day. I am following the DASH diet. I hope this helps.

I have noticed some BP formulas at the Natural Health store does anyone have any experience with that kind of thing?