To all those who know what I am talking about THANK YOU!!!! You kept me sane all weekend and kept my humour up. You also made things happen for the good of the sport in Canada, especially here out west.

I know if I make a list I will leave someone out; but here goes in no particular order: Barb and Jason, Barb's mom, Lisa and Derrek, Matt and Kev, Cory Mac, HULK, Bridgette and Mike, ADCC gang, Joe, Mark and Scott, Mahood and the PG boys, Kang and Kareem, Whitey, Gator and Jeff.

Hope to see you all soon. Thanks so much and I am sorry if things didn't go %100, but I promise to do better next time.

You all were great this weekend.


Mike "The Shooter's Shooter" McNeil

you have email... but in case you don't see it...
you have mine and don't forget the pimp line.

Glad to see you are doing well.


I'm feeling fat and sassy.

Mike you are the freaking man. You made so much stuff happen last weekend it was rediculous. Its my privledge to work with you, and I'm not alone in that sentiment.

My spoon is too big


Mike, you are the Shizzy! Thanks for helping a brother spread the gospel of absurdity! Excellent work last weekend with excellent results. A good time was had by all, and I'll always enjoy your company.

(For assurance that none of the above posters are insane, check for cartoons by Don Hetzfeldt on Kazaa or whatever you search engine may be)


  I only talked for a minute! it was nice to meet you!( I was talking with Showdown at he boxing) I did not realize a person could  work that hard. I know lots of people helped but I still got the feeling that an extra hand could have helped. I'll stick mine out a little further next time.


I agree...Mike is a Banana.

Now e-mail me damn it...lol.

"I'm a consumer whore!"

"And how!!!"

I think Mark Coleman is the Banana....

Attn: Mike,


That is all.


JHR...did you romoshop that or is that the real deal? I noticed it's from Sherdog and the text is in Japanese, so I'm assuming that Coleman signed a sponsorship deal...but wtf?

It is the REAL DEAL...


I guess that's how a Coleman gets paid...

He could also fight Kimbo!!! the could both get paid. I think Kimbo is getting hungry.

Great Job Mike!

I look forward to the next one.

Great job once again Mike!

p.s. Check your email before I fire angry ticks at you from my nipples!