I am deeply sickened.

by all of the hatred towards crocop now and all of the glory given to gonzaga.

I can't wait for a rematch.

deeply sickened?

You're about a month late, but I agree.

So many people are just fans of fighters when they are winning, and then as soon as they lose all of a sudden that fighter sucks/is overrated/was never good in the first place.

CroCop, Chuck, Wanderlei, Hughes, GSP, etc. etc. etc.

Also I hate how right after Gonzaga won, or Serra beat GSP, or Soccerjuice won, all of a sudden there's a massive increase in people claiming they were fans of these fighters from the begining and knew they would win all along. Meanwhile two days earlier they were talking about how badly they were going to get smashed.

its not really late I just haven't really said anything til this point.

I have just sorta been rolling it off of my back. I just think enough is enough. Most of it is trolling. GG is not a chump but he is no where near as bad as everyone says he is.

I mean that kick wasn't a fluke. He set it up and faked the leg kick perfectly and crocop made a HUGE mistake when he blocked like he was blocking a leg kick with his hands. You don't block leg kicks with your hands. He still dropped them. THat leads me to believe that GG probably has some terrible leg kicks that would suck to be on the recieving end of.

I am not saying that he doesn't deserve some praise. He does. He did beat crocop at his own game and didn't have to tap him out. thats excellent. thats great.

However, filipovic would mash him in a rematch.

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i'd take brock, cc has no chin, discuss "

Like comments like this... it wasn't even a shot to the chin. it was a fucking SHIN in the side of the fucking HEAD. Crocop has an amazing chin. He's only been knocked out in pro MMA TWICE.

I hate that. that is the same as saying that you smoke because you are going to die anyway. Succumbing to stupidity is the same as being stupid yourself.

Not directly pointing at you or calling you out.