i am in WI now


yea, the trip sucked ass.. my daughter and wife flew to WI, my daughter had the flu and was in bad shape. so, i had to bypass meeting PD and seeing his place becuase of that.. and, well, imagine driving 2200 miles without working tail lights on the uhaul trailer. good times.

took me a week to get the net up and working as well... but, hey, ive learned to install electrical outlets, do minor masonry, garden a bit, and be an overall home owner. its honestly surreal.

life is good.

Let's start working on that seminar in 2007

ttt for da cheese-head!

Yo Josh why don't you Josh and Christina come down for workout on Monday. Justin Flores is here. You know Ronda lives here it's going to be a great work out. Hope you can make it. Come anytime We have lots of guys

now.. ya, we are here for good...

aaron, sorry i didnt get the message earlier. things here are hectic right now, but pretty soon we will be free and clear to come down. =)

Whatchya got in the garden?!

ummmmmmmmm. some flowers (no idea what kind), a dwarf blue spruce bush, a san jose juniper, some ferns, a pine tree in the corner or the back yard, and starting a veggie garden with tomato plants--soon to add zuchini, cubcumber and maybe a few more. =)

but.. the grass is good for shit for now. thought the sod is doing alright for the most part.

very soon we begin construction on the new attatched garage, new sidewalks, kitchen remodel. already remodeled the bathroom.

oh yea.. and i start grad school tuesday night.

neighborhood is a typical NW milwaukee one. Endris park neighborhood. we have a corner lot on a cul du sac though, so our yards are a bit larger than most.

Your website not working

yea, it is down. the info was old and there was no need to continue i once i retired. jay zeballos from studio EFX in SoCal did a tremendous job with the site though, and it anybody ever needs web design or programming help you should go see him.

jay zeballos... studioefx.com

I second the composting thing.

My garden is comnig in superbly!

Soon I will be overflowing with zucchinis and forced to sell them at rediculously expensive prices to chicago yuppies because they're organic.

I also say, ditch the grass and go for wildflowers. Looks better, no need to water and no need to mow!

Should look great in one of those beautiful milwaukee houses. AND give you more time for judo!

hell, ive got CORN growing in my yard somehow. ive also got this red and green weed on all sides of my house for which i dug about 4 feet down next to the basement and found a root system thicker than my arms!

I am going to a horniculturist this week with a sample of the weed to see if they know a way that i can kill it. time to DIE!

Try Roundup, Josh. It kills most anything and you don't need a license for it.


yea, i tried it. hardly worked.

Some noxious weeds you need to remove the ENTIRE root system or it will just keep coming back.

I mean every little atom. Sucks for you, hopefully it won't be too bad.

Wondering if Joshua got any corn growing tips from our resident Iowans Punk Dobbs and Dynamo.

cool, back to your roots?

You should update your profile btw.

ps. I thought you were going to teach high school in WI? You back in grad school AND teaching then? What you studying these days? Just love the school, eh?

I dunno Josh but if you're growing weed I think you may run into the law like Punk.

Josh weasled out of my innovative "Hay Stack/Horse Shit Interval Training". Had he survived it, we would have gone over Crop Yield and Weed Removal.

Perhaps Dynamo upheld the agronomic traditions of our state by topping buds with him.

ha ha ha! you guys are funny--or at least you think you are.

JG.. i believe the term is "Iowanians"... Kinda like Canadians, but not as cool. though, they do sound the same, aye?

Sothy.. yes, i am going to be teaching HS Special Ed. I got my assignment today. I'll be teaching a 9/10th grades MRP (Most Restrictive Program) class. They will be with me at least 60% of their day. The school is less than 3 miles away from my house and the judo club. It couldnt have worked out better. I am also getting my MA in Special Ed via night school, that will be done by next December. And, NO, i dont love school. in fact, i hate it. but, when you get your MA you make about 3-5k more a year. and, like any good Jew, I can do the math. =)

Soj.. let the law come! my brother and new sister-in-law are the law, and i can beat his ass.

PD. i dont need to learn that stuff. there is this amazing thing in a city called a lawn service. i hired them. soon my lawn will be beautiful.