I am so angry

I wrote out a fantastic thread about UFC 114 which took a fucking long time to write. It was magazine-worthy, really top quality stuff. The sort of quality piece that you normally would expect to pay for. My best ever thread. I go to post a picture and this fucking site decides to wipe out ALL of the text. For no reason. I pasted the image URL into the box, and lo and behold, the site manages to wipe all my work.

Fucking fuck.

 CLick edit, then undo next time.

CLick edit, then undo next time.

thank-you mma.tv

That sucks big time unlucky.

Miss inf0 - thank-you mma.tv


Happened to me many times, that shit needs to be fixed.

 If you take too long to write something... it won't save.

I'm sure HBL and Ramit will truly miss it...the rest of us could give a fuck.

The writing gods demand sacrifices from time to time. That's the deal---no way around it.

if you are making a huge post and need time to think things out

write it in Notepad next time then copy and paste

It was a sign from above, cause nobody gives a fuck about your delusional UK nuthugging rants.

WoodenPupa - The writing gods demand sacrifices from time to time. That's the deal---no way around it.


i think its safe for five minutes

Stuff like this is why I didn't renew my bluename.

For a site that has hundreds if not thousands of members paying $30 a year mostly to use basic functions (full search, post pics etc) there shouldn't be this many servers issues and they should be taken care of asap.

write it up in wordpad or office next time, then cut and paste the whole thing into the editor.

 id suck ur dick to see that article

Might want to highlight and copy the text before posting,so if if disappears you can just paste it in and hit post again.

Miss inf0 - thank-you mma.tv

There's form-recovery extensions for most browsers. You should look into them.