I am starting to wish MMA would use a ranking....

system similar to the BCS. I don't like the fact that the BCS doesn't have real playoffs, but if the ranking systems were applied to each ORG. at each weight class they could rank fighters by wins/losses, quality of the wins/losses, method of wins/losses, maybe add in some type of fight metric data and then factor in a fighters & sports writers poll of some type. Don't have to agree with the final rankings (most people never do with the current rankings anyway) but it would set up a system where it would be easier to determine who gets to fight the champ next and who fights for the next top contender spot, etc.

Fuck the BCS.....infidel defilers, they shall all drown in lakes of blood.

I needed to add some type of trollish angle to get any thoughts on it. Or at least mention Fedor or Shane in the title.