I am the best commentator in MMA

For those of you that dont know I made my commentating debut last night at FFC 13 during the Rocky Long vs Nick Gonzalez FFC featherweight title fight. Well, I have received a ton of good reviews and heard that my commentating alone is worth the price of the upcoming FFC DVD. I also feel that the more I commentate the better I become. I am already the best in MMA, with more experience I will be the greatest commentator in the history of sports, promoters take note!!!

An example of my great knowledge in the booth:

During the fight, Nick punches Rocky, I say, "If he keeps landing those he is going to break something." Nick then breaks his wrist during the fight. Coincidence? I think not.

So what are my titles now Potato?

1) The people's mod

2) MMA's # 1 commentator

3) The best YES man in MMA

That goes with the best YES man title I believe, I also am the sole owner of the dollar Hermes received for koing Manny.

I believe so too, thanks for your continued support mr. Potato.

i support the 31yr old trj.

-supporter of TRJ signing it


I am also known to anger midgets like Zero Horizon, im his BIG BROTHER. Keep talking like that ZH and no more CiCi's for you.

I love you supporters!!!

TheRealJoker is a respected forum member and good for the sport!

Gary Hughes

Shamrok, NO, you're the homo!!!

Even though I dont understand what ShamroK said, NO!!!

Thanks Erik!!!