I believe him

It seems like Shrek has definitely been found guilty by majority of people that have posted. I just read his statement on MMA WEEKLY and re-watched the special. I have a really hard time believing that he did it. Am I just completely ignorant or is it POSSIBLE that his levels were raised due to all the suppliments?

Whew. I was beginning to think we wouldn't see another new thread on this topic.

Didn't know they were testing animated film characters now...

"Just look at him." --BJ Penn

To answer your question:
Completely ignorant.

"I don't know why yo, but I believe him B."

I believe that if I lose a tooth and put it under my pillow, a fairy will come replace it with a five dollar bill and she'll give me a blowjob.

I believe him too.

His statement proved to me that he is a liar. He says he NEVER used steroids. Well he used to clearly be a heavy user but I was giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was cleaning up.

Respect to Hermes, Sylvia, and others who fess up.

Sherk is full of shit.

I believe he was tested like everyone else. I believe they throughly checked both test results before they made the results public. I believe we have no reasonable choice but to honor the testing system. I believe that he will be given a fair chance to clear his name. I believe that if he fails to do so, then he should have to live with the consequences.

I know that injustices sometimes happen. I know convicted men have been proven innocent. I know that many who are guilty of what he is accused of try to hide behind 'reasonable doubts' that are not real. I know that more lie about what they did do than admit to what they did do. I know it's dangerous to think you can tell who is telling the truth and who is lying. I know I can go on and on.....but will still end up at...you have to honor the test.

They alternated, Donkey.

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