I come into training n guess whos

So I come into training yesterday night and guess who's there? Gideon Ray! He's taking over the MMA class where i train, which literally consists of me and one other guy . All I can say is he is a very nice person and has a wealth of knowledge about MMA...anyone here ever train with him?

You guys are fucking harsh.

where do you train pinoy?


I think gideon is VERY underrated and would love an opportunity to train with him!

So he walked into his home and Gideon Ray was suddenly there? That's odd.

I train at a lot of places. And that's pretty cool man.

A lot better than one of the places I go, where I walked into class to find a new MMA instructor who thinks stomps to the face are legal in MMA in the US.

And then proceeded to teach people horrible game plans and leg locks that just aren't up to par.

Great news for you! There's a lot of bad teachers out there. It sounds like you don't have one.

Well the classes just started a couple months ago under a different trainer and there hasn't been any promoting going on for the new location yet...

yea he's also running keith hackneys place from what i hear in the suburbs of Chicago but the new place is in the City - 5901 N. Milwaukee. Just moved in weeks ago from the old location...

As of now it's pretty sweet almost getting private lessons from a MMA veteran until business/promoting for the new place starts up.

cool deal.

nothing beats actual octagon experience. congrats to ya.

'grats Pinoy!

Is that Chicago or like Edgebrook neighborhood? I can check it out tonight on the way home from work. I have an idea in my head where it is..