I don't get it

I thought JKD was all about making your self a better fighter. I thought you where suppose to find the fastest and easiest way to beat your partner. I have been talking to a JKD guy that just wants to be Bruce Lee. Shouldn't a JKD guy be learning TAKEDOWNS, THROWS, SUBMISSIONS? I am to trying to be an ass I just want to know. Do any of you JKD guys try to evolve past what Bruce Lee was teaching?

Read the threads on this forum and you'll find the answers to your questions.

Oh I forgot: Hi A&B/Pauper!

Well, that's the irony of JKD. Every martial art that Bruce Lee criticized as being a "classical mess" probably started off as something like what Bruce Lee was advocating but with subsequent generations, began to stagnate into something approaching idol worship.

Was Pauper a troll? And alternative nick for A&B? What happened to A&B... I was off the forums for a little while and then he was gone... damn some of his things were hilarious... in a bad way:D

This could be his most amusing incarnation yet!