I feel bad for Tito

I think most of us on here have been mixed up with some crazy bitches and can relate. This is clearly a case of a ho getting all dramatic and it must be he'll for the dude. I'm still a fan

 ya...im not even a huge fan...but what a F-ED up and sad situation....

The best girls to have fun with are usually the most ducked up. I feel for the dude

Good point! Who hasn't made the completely understandable oversight of getting involved with a drug addicted porn star. Every now and then you have to start a family with a porn star, everyone does it


I don't know what happened, and neither does anyone else on this forum. I mean, the police haven't even completed their investigation yet. Why cannot we wait for all of the facts to come out?

I don't feel sorry for him, if by that, you mean that he's some sort of victim. I also think that we have to take responsibility for the choices that we make, for better or for worse, in our personal lives, like who we choose to be with and so on.