I found a Judo Club!!

After one week of research in the different Judo club of my town, I have eventually found a place where to train.

It is 10 min from my place. It is 'le judo club du perreux". Here is the website http://membres.lycos.fr/judoperreux/



The teacher will be this dude...He has been third in National french competion in 1987, third in the Paris tournament in 1987 and has won multiples time the army championship nationally and world wide. *

He is also specialised in Newaza when he was in judo so I guess it is gonna be great for me to learn the transition from tachiwasa to Newaza. he is righthanded and a lightwheight (like me)

DIBERT Thierry ( Droitier )  retour à l'equipe sportive »  

Photo de : DIBERT Thierry Né(e) le : 17/01/2007

Etat civil : marié(e)

Arrivé au club le : 17/01/2007

Categorie : -60 kg

Grade : CN 5 eme DAN

Spécial : ne-waza
Palmares :
3 ème aux Championnats de France 1ère division 1987/1988
3 ème au Tournoi de Paris 1987
1 er aux Championnats de France Militaires 1985
3 ème aux Championnats du Monde Militaires 1985
1 er aux tournois de Suisse et Grande-Bretagne

A part le judo :


the other teacher in the club is Ghislaine Sandré who is also an high level athletes having won multiples competition

there is a class almost everyday. and the cost is 300 dollard for a year of training.



I choose this club because I asked in some MMA french forum advice and a lot of dude told me that this club was the best to learn Judo seriously at least than 5 km from my place. some MMA dude are training in it.



I am beguinning in September....


Wish me luck


ps : I am gonna continue to train in BJJ of course

seems like a quality coach you will have:


Dibert was born on January 17, 2007? Someone tell the webmaster to correct this. His credentials look pretty good.

French Judo almost anywhere is going to be good judo.

Dibert is one of the best in Newaza with Gibert & Feist .

really? cool

I will be able to beguin the training in only 3 months...

I am gonna try to go to Judo training 2 to 3 times a week...and BJJ training 3 to 4 times.

I only hope to have fun....I tried one week judo in 2001 when I was living one year in Sweden for my study and it hurt too much my little body and at the time I thought that Judo was the sucks....

Now that I believe a little bit more in it, I am gonna try to practise it seriously.

To all the people not understanding why I was not believing in Judo while I live in France a great judo nation (a lot of you asked me in other thread), they have to understand that while it is true that Judo is greatly developped in France it has a lot of cons.

Effectively there are club everywhere, some of them having a great level but if they are so many club you have to understand that a lot of them are also Mcdojo that are great to educate the children and for the old peoples to do sport..and it is great.....but this club sucks at sport....some guys of this clubs even sucks in Judo while having a great belt.

while being a BJJ white belt I took down with basic wrestling takedown numerous blue, green and sometimes even brown and black belt in some clubs...I am not critisizing.....it is the way to developp a sport, to open it to the mass, to have a large base in order to built champion...

But it is why I have this idea for a long time that Judo sucks. But I am gonna give it a try in some good club....and I am sure I will have fun.

Cool that you found a club, Jujubre.

I got to roll and do standup last week with the French national team and they are some seriously good players.

were you in France?

I have found a club for this summer too!!!

see my other thread

"were you in France?"

No....New Jersey.


It seems they're on an American tour this summer. I believe they were on their way to New York next.

u cant go wrong with thierry Dibert , hes a complete badass on the ground , hope u will enjoy the true meaning of newaza :_)

jujubre finds all these judo clubs, lets hope he trains in some of them. j/k. :)