I get worse 'stun' with bigger gloves

 I guess I'm not the only one who have noticed this, 

but I always found the more protection I put on for sparring, whether it be a headgear or bigger gloves,

I swear I felt more 'knocked out' when I had more padding on.

Do you feel the same? 

Put a mma glove on and hit a brick wall..now put on a boxing glove..Which did you hit the wall harder with?


Are you guys actually laughing?

I mean TrainJudo is right (of course), but it's not like it's funny.

 Guys I mean, my head feels more stunned.

but his head feels more stunned...

Thats because he is the brick wall.

damn, are you still stunned?

sit down for a minute before posting

your training partners just aren't trying to hit you as hard with small MMA gloves on as opposed to 14 oz boxing gloves.

this thread = stun

i have to agree because the boxgin gloves shake your head aroudn more. ive been rocked HARD with no gloves and got much more stunned from being punched with the gloves. actually been KOd with the gloves on.

 I've never been knocked out with MMA gloves or barefist. Honestly, worst stun was when I was wearing Superhead protection and 16oz gloves

Well there is the added weight of the gloves aswell

Maybe his head feels more stoned. It's a common typo

Although I agree about the bigger gloves, I don't agree about the headgear. Only reason you are getting more stunned with headgear on is likely that your sparring partner is going way harder assuming that you are protected.

Headgear makes me feel like a fucking bobblehead, and definitely makes punches seem harder, because your head has to support the extra weight on top of your training partners throwing harder. I never wear it unless I'm in an amateur boxing match, plus you can't see for shit!

BigSleep - damn, are you still stunned?

sit down for a minute before posting