I give Frank Mir an 8% chance of beating Cormier

Given that Cormier has so much better wrestling, is explosive, and had amazing standup, I think giving Mir an 8% chance against a guy who quite possibly provides the worst possible stylistic matchup imaginable for Mir....is incredibly generous. Phone Post

I think its a bad matchup for Mir as well. As short and stocky as Cormier, what is Frank going to grab on to. Frank's standup is effective but Cormier is so much faster and more powerful. Could be wrong but I think its going to be a painful night for Mir.

I'll be generous then and offer you 10/1 odds if you would like a wager. Better than 8% so its free money. Phone Post

Did you hit the % button after 8? Frank has an excellent chance to win this fight. I don't like the style match up but, Cormier has flaws in his game that Frank can capitalize on.

I was thinking along the lines that Barnett was better than Frank and DC pretty much handled him but 8% is pretty low. Phone Post

It's funny how the guy who just challenged for the UFC title is given pretty much 0 chance against the current Strikeforce champ. It shows the Strikeforce division was stronger. Overeem and Comier need their shots at the crown ASAP. Phone Post

Haadogei - its an arbitrary number.

I think Cormier will win also but Mir is underrated all time. He finished Nog twice and Cro Cop once. Barnett was always a small notch below those guys and Cormier picked him apart. Similar accomplishments. You cant say with certainty that Barnett is now better than Nog and Cro Cop even if he is a few years younger.

Mir has fought WAY tougher guys than Cormier so far and taken his losses but still has plenty of great wins. Bigfoot looked like a non-top 20 guy in his UFC fight. He made his name off Fedor getting old fast. I don't think Bigfoot was a big win for Cormier.

Also, Cormier did some nice work striking but also left some holes defensively. Barnett isn't a great striker. Mir isn't either but has had some nice moments.

and - if Cormier tries to become a sprawl and brawl boxer type he will get KTFO sooner rather than later...just like every other HW. He needs to be smart and grind guys out carefully (Cain needs to try that too).

Mir can win, it depends on if Cormier uses the smart game plan. I do pick Cormier though.

He finished 2 guys past their prime, and looked very underwhelming in the CC fight and the second Nog fight.

Mir has a really inconsistent record against the more elite guys. I have a hard time naming a recent win from Mir over a fighter in contetion.

He has huge balls for accepting this fight though, I'll give him that, there's a good chance he gets mauled in a less known organization. Most wouldn't take this risk, and Frank Mir is making Strikeforce much more exciting than a possible Cormier/Barnett rematch that was in the talks (seriously who wanted to watch that), or Tim Sylvia/Cormier, hell no.

I was thinking 7.78%.

%8 ?

You never know! he might pull
Off a zombie sub again! Phone Post

That's harsh. I'd give him 10% Phone Post

I'll give him 8.45% Phone Post

At this point in watching MMA its usually either 50/50 or 45/55 chances in fights considering everyone has a punchers chance and never know how fighters will show up Phone Post

This is a 60/40 fight IMO in favor of DC, but not much more than that. Mir knows the intricacies of moves that Cormier has never heard of.

I'm hoping to see knees from the clinch from Mir Phone Post

Joshua J King - 
Bobby Lupo - This is a 60/40 fight IMO in favor of DC, but not much more than that. Mir knows the intricacies of moves that Cormier has never heard of.

A Lupo Lock is just that...67% of the time. Phone Post

I'm 100% right most of the time