I got Israel

Lol came here to say this too

He fought like a champion against Gastelum. Wash your mouth out

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I noticed

Emphasis on Gastelum…

yeah, everyone hates anderson silva

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Fuck yeah OP! Lets go Izzy!

He got plenty of hate when he was in his prime.

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Man I really dislike Izzy, I hope Vettori smashes him

I like both fighters but I think Vitorri wins by mixing takedowns and striking

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I hope izy fucks him up and I hope you are butthurt after it

For about 3 minutes

He also never said anything

Should’ve been reply #1

Silva is also Brazilian as fuck and speaks Portuguese??? Not the same as a brash, English speaking dude that reps the fuck out of his African heritage and rocks a black fist pick :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Give me Capitano Italia

Vettori is Israel’s kyrptonite

Daiiiiiiiiii Marvin

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I hope Marvin stops him and your haemorrhoids play up

It’s bukkaked by bombers here, couldn’t remember my old email or password

I think Izzy lights his head on fire. Gonna look a lot like the Costa fight.

How do I know this? I’m a mailman.

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Haha welcome back bro

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Hey guys