I Got My Own Ground!!

Kirik, I don't know what to say. I never expected this in a million years. The new forum is here and guess what? There is a Crazy Zimmerman Ground!!!

All I can say is thanks. I will do my best to moderate Crazy Zimmerman Ground to ensure it lives up to the high standards of the OG and UG.

One small note tho. I do not feel I am worthy of having my own ground.

Maybe it would be good if some other members could have their own ground too.

Anyway, thanks again, Kirik, for making my dream come true.

I can't find the CrazyZimmermanGround.
Do I need to send you an additional $25 to get to there, CZ?

LOL @ Willy. Discount for you. 20 bucks.

me too? whats up widdatt?

Crazy Zimmerman Ground,now that's a forum,worth a visit.

I have one tood. Is this a new function everyone has?