I had my first fight (vid)

I was nervous as fuck, i didn't even get any shots in, but the other bloke got DQ for kicking me in the head while i was down. Although I don't think he did it out of nastiness.


thanks mate

props for gettin' out there.

lol, he broke my rib, i am fighting much lighter next time

at least i got the W. lol.

you could be right, but a DQ it was, i even asked the ref not to DQ him as i said he would have won anyway.

lol, too right matey. i should be instantly upgraded to a green namer

Where is your head gear? No head gear for amateurs?
I am doing my first fight in a smoker on Saturday.
I am definetely wearing headgear.

i'm 36 by the way chaps, no spring chicken by any means.

'good job! '

i think fishluv thought i was the other bloke

Your use of the word bloke has made me an instant fan.

"Your use of the word bloke has made me an instant fan."

My sentiments exactly! WAR SPUGGY

Everyone here gives you alot of respect for stepping up & giving it a shot. And being 36 motivates me to try myself at 30. Good luck in the future bloke

Props to spuggy!

I lost my first fight by split decision. Got dropped in the first 30 seconds, but it woke me up!

Here is my second fight. I win by the way. Blue please:


Keep fighting, I'm 35 and plan on fighting a few more times.

WAR spuggy!!!

Yay Financial Planner! The improvement between your first and second fight was pretty incredible actually...didn't that guy have his kids in the audience??? whoops!

Spuggy- Maybe the guy didn't mean to do it necessarily. I have done some not so nice things strictly out of reaction before. I felt like an asshole, but it just comes out sometimes, and then all you can do is pull it. Congrats on getting in there.

Props for eating that kick in the face and not going to sleep!

kaitlin -

Yeah, his kids were in the audience...I felt really bad.

Spuggy, Kaitlin is right, it could have been just a "heat of the moment" thing. Good luck in your next fight!

kaitlin - When are you fighting again?