I hate Gracie jock riders!

I train at a Gracie school and I love bjj, but I hate these students that come in and think anybody named Gracie walks on water and can kick anybody's ass. I try not to get involved in those conversations, but sometimes it's unavoidable.

Look at this Pride Bushido event. Renzo lost to Carlos Newton, Daniel Gracie lost, Ralph Gracie won a decision and Ryan Gracie won. Except for Renzo, no one fought a top ranked fighter. Give credit where credit is due. The Gracie family is great, but not a single one of them could be considered a top 10 ranked fighter.

"I try not to get involved in those conversations, but sometimes it's unavoidable."

SO you descided to start a thread on a BJJ forum about it ...LOL

What a half assed troll thread.

*scratches head* And you came here to complain about it?


I'm venting. Obviously, I can express myself here without serious reprocussions. Again, I admire the Gracies. But they're not supermen. They fall down when you hit them. They can be submitted, etc.

In mma competition, I can't really think of any Gracie who's a top mma fighter. Which is not to say that they're not popular fighters. I just don't think they're at the top anymore.

what's the point...they love the sport and try to contribute in positive ways...

Let people believe what they want...

I love BJJ, the Gracies brought it to my attention gotta respect them. Go troll somewhere else.


"I hate Gracie jock riders! "

That's OK, they hate you too.

At least he's honest, most people just troll haphazardly all the while denying their biased opinions.

Mishima is a good fighter. And what is up with hating a whole family? You probably couldn't name half the Gracies who teach and fight.


C'mon with the troll BS.The Gracie family got most of us to see that ya gotta learn the ground game for real defense. Dont forget the "Next Generation" who are doing pretty good in the tournament circuit:


Love Em, Hate Em, but you CANT IGNORE THEM!!!!!

All right lets get the facts straight on this Bushido event:

Daniel Gracie fought Kazuhiro Nakamura. Nakamura came in with a record of 1-1-0. Nakamura's first fight was against Mino who submitted him by arm bar. I wouldn't place Nakumura too high on the pecking order.

Rodrigo decisioned Daijo Takase. Previously Takase had a record to of 5-8-1. A legitiamate opponent but not exactly the top of his division.

Ryan fought Kazuhiro Hamanaka with a record of 1-1-0 out of the Takada gym. Hamanaka is a prowrestler who has just recently done a few mma fightgs.

Ralph fought Dokonjonosuke Mishima with a record of 13 - 3 - 2. Mishima's largely a shooto product. His most impressive fight is his win over Ryan Bow. A decent fighter, but clearly not anywhere near the best.

Renzo took on Carlos Newton. Newton has has had some losses, but he's not a guy who tries to preserve a perfect record: win or lose he goes out there and throws down with the very best. Newton was clearly the best non-Gracie fighting on that night.

So whaaaaaat man than go train TAI-CHI or something...

RickT is correct the Gracies still promote the sport very well and deserve much respect. So stop trolling and just train!