I hate to say it... Wandy fights bad

Chin up, hands down, reckless wild punches exposing his entire head, footwork plodding straight forward.. he pretty much asks to be KO'd

I am not bashing Wandy... he is a legend and a great human being. But my god, he really needs to retire before he gets brain damage

His chin wasnt up.... He got caught in the side/back of the head. Poor wandy Phone Post

Very long layoff, so I'm willing to give him another fight before I write him off. He's definitely not even close to his prime anymore, but he might still be able to put on some good fights with the right fights.

Vandy, yes give a good show, but try to use some kind of strategy, just going out and standing toe to toe and throwing bombs is retarded!

He tries to please the crowd too much Phone Post

Wand in his prime was a killer in the clinch and used kicks effectively, but most of all his punches, while not technically beautiful, were very accurate. I think that was a combination of reflexes and the crazy live training they did at Chute Boxe. Reflexes go with age and that kind of RUGGED training takes it's toll physically. If you look at the fighters from that camp a lot of them (Pele, Ninja, Wand) started to decline while still in their late 20's, even Shogun has not looked as good as one would expect since he won the Grand Prix. Wand was always wild but he was really good with subtle little movements to avoid taking flush shots. Prime Wand walks thru Leben, but this is nowhere near Prime Wand. As he has gotten older he has become almost exclusively a puncher and that is hard when you are not nearly as quick as you used to be. I hope he retires.