I have become obsessed with ufc

I don't know about you lot but my fan appreciation of ufc is not going over well with some of my friends. At the weighin party I threw yesterday only one other guy showed up and he only came for the food(of which their wasn't much because of the weight cut I was doing). I don't cut to a specific 'fighting weight' but the week of an event once a month I will cut 12-15 lbs so I can try to get in the same mindset as the fighters. It really makes you feel like you understand them.

I am rehydrating now and should be back up to 240 or so by fight time. I can't wait for Tonights event!

If anyone is in the Buffalo area and wants to come over tonight and watch with me and my friend let me know.

And I thought I was the only one that "worked up" to events.  I like to catch each of my kids with combos usually after school so they have time to recover.  The wife gets the leg kicks.

lol Awesome troll angle for once. Phone Post

There are literally more troll posts on this site than real ones at this point.

I'm not a fag faggot. Yes I do practice some moves but I don't train any more because of knee injury I got a couple years ago.

i play EA MMA with mma gloves on.

12/28/10 your a tenner. You fail.

JoeVIP  - 12/28/10 your a tenner. You fail.


Yes, the date may be off but that is only cause u had to wait for approval. Timing with Internet is as tricky as striking

I am getting better though. And I assure you I am THE elevener!!!!!!!!!

- elevener

You 2 green guys- that is cool that you fight. I wish I still could. When are your next ones? Anything in buffalo?

Not everything is a troll you conspiracy weirdos.

I am getting excited!!! I have some healthy snacks layed out. Some gatorrade, and my surround sound all set to go. HELL YEAH!

When you watch the fights, everytime someone gets cut you should also cut yourself in the same spot!

You and your buddy should mimic the fight as it goes on in your living room in front of the TV , only throwing at 10% power because you have to act out all the fights that night. make sure your mom or creepy uncle tapes it so you can post the vid... don't cut the weight and that not perform you must embrace the whole think, id also like to see post fight speeches, a fake rogan and buffer as well. Dont half ass it...you could be the next Joey karate or that red neck guy who cornered MCorckle ... Just saying Phone Post


TAPOUT SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


when your guests come through the door on fight night, do you pat them down, check behind their ears, check for a cup and vaseline their face before they are allowed to enter?

Yeah, like I'm going to cut myself you dork

 lol 10/10 OP!

Carl Weathers - What I like to do is get some hemp rope, and loosely wrap it around cock and balls

When a fighter gets caught in submission, and joe rogan approves of how he's doing it

and he starts going "thats tight, hes gonna tap" I yank on the ends of the rope 

and the harder the fighter squeezes the harder I pull on the rope, tightening around my balls as they turn purple. I either pass out or the fighter taps.

Its incredible and adds a whole new dimension to my passion for this sport.

I"m gay.


With Rogan calling it you must pass out much more often than see the tap.



von niten - <p>And I thought I was the only one that "worked up" to events.  I like to catch each of my kids with combos usually after school so they have time to recover.  The wife gets the leg kicks.</p>

Bad idea man. leg kicks don't win fights

Ghost of Retard - 
JoeVIP  - 12/28/10 your a tenner. You fail.


That is an impressive amount of Fail right there.