I have to watch MMA and boxing alone

I can't watch boxing and MMA with friends/family and I sure as hell could never go to a bar to watch it.

Even live shows turn me off, the last UFC I went to I had to listen to some faggot talk about Josh Barnetts physique for a half hour...

I used to feel the same way but after awhile I just stopped letting it bother me...you know they are retarded and that all that matters. Ignore them


 Wait, WHY can't you watch with other people?

Because they bug you WHILE watching?

If the answer is YES, then I feel the SAME WAY!!!

I turn down invites to UFC parties ALL THE TIME just because people jibber jabber SO freakin much its distracting to the acual event, and 99% of the talking is done by NOOBZ who think they know it all!!!

When I watch, its usually just me, and my 14 year old son, and we just chill and enjoy quietly as if we were in a movie theatre.


The level of ignorance by Noobz of jiu jitsu is the most irritating thing of all. They ask questions like "why doesn't he just get out" or " why doesn't he slam the other guy" makes me want to tell them shut the fuck up it's not that easy dickface.

The wife and I order the PPV's ourselves and enjoy them in a nice quiet empty house. That way we can enjoy them the way nature intended. Me drunk and her in the kitchen.

Don't feel so bad.  Almost ever time I go to watch such events, I have, like, 10,000 people talking and yelling around me.


I think you need to edit that to say yelling AT you...to get knees on the ground re-instated!! :-)

Yes, I can't watch fights because I can't deal with people who are dumbed down the aspects of the sports and who say stupid shit ruining fights for me.

I watched I love you man recently with my wife, and told her I need to do a similar interview process in regards to the watching of combat sports.

count me in as prefering to watch alone.


"Why doesn't he just get UP?"

makes you want to slam them against the wall, mount them, and then say "NOT SO EASY TO JUST POP UP IS IT SUGAR BOOTS?"

I seriously can't watch MMA with casual people. I hate being asked to "explain" everything and when you tell them what's going on they still don't really want to know. They just want to see haymakers and they have no appreciation for the grappling game.

KeithKizer - Don't feel so bad.  Almost ever time I go to watch such events, I have, like, 10,000 people talking and yelling around me.


I hear you, I tried going to some UFC parties....They are just parties with a fight going ppl yacking and they are all tuf noobs at best.

+1 for watching MMA alone. At most, I'll invite one or two friends (that are also hardcore fans) over for the event, but that's about it.

Funnily enough, the girl I'm dating now is ALWAYS cool to watch a PPV with. She's a total noob (been a fan for about a year, mostly due to my influence) but she asks smart, intelligent questions, doesn't mind a little blood on the canvas and knows when to STFU during the action.

In other words, just more snobby excuses from people who want to continue bitching:

1) shitty cards with no names that cost too much

2) that they can't watch shows for cheap because they hate being around NOOBS in public because they are too high class and smart for that crowd.

watching with educated fans > watching alone

MolsonMuscles - 
KeithKizer - Don't feel so bad.  Almost ever time I go to watch such events, I have, like, 10,000 people talking and yelling around me.

I concur, and I feel like this little gem snuck by the majority of the UG. 


 I prefer to watch it alone

guys are always fight know-it-alls, even if they know jack shit

it's annoying

they where a guy making shit up all night. the best i heard at a ufc party was : "on a old Ultimate tournament there was a guy using samurai martial art, en when he punched the other guy with a closed fist,koing him, he said to the ref to disqualifies himself... in is art it is forbidden to hit with a close fist you see, its too lethal. that why you dont see samurai in the ufc anymore."

long silence...

what the fuck ?

You know you're with a hardcore buddy when he rewinds the calf crusher and you watch it like six times in a row. And nobody says anything.

What bugs me is people narrating the fights and letting everybody know they've taken a Jui Jitsu class. They call out the moves and what should come next for most of the fights....that shit works my nerves. I don't mind newbies, hell everybody is new to something, what I hate is know-it-alls who wants the whole crowd to know that they have some background knowledge.