"I Helped Him get a 50K Bonus" Oliveira on Knee 2


Interview with Charles, he talks about the fight, the knee and comments on lentz being a boring fighter, and helping him win 50k.


MP- Charles please tell us about your fight with Nik Lentz?


I knew I could make him fight my fight, that is a very fast pace exciting fight. I even did a interview with you stating that I would make Nik Lentz an exciting fighter. The fight was fun, it was my style of fight, we had trained not to let Nik get me to the fence, or hold me down on the ground. The game plan was working perfect. I knew if he keep fighting my style he was going to get tired and I would only get stronger. The first round was great with a lot of action. Second round I saw that he was getting tired, and I wanted to increase the pace. I can out super aggressive to keep the pressure on him.

MP- Tell us about the knee?


I just got caught up in the moment, I saw him getting up and I saw one leg up, I just thought the other one was up too. When the ref did not stop it, I just kept going.

MP- What do you want to happen?

Whatever the UFC and PBC comes up with, is what I will respect.

MP- You and Nik Lentz got fight of the night, were you surprised?


I knew we had a very exciting fight, and the UFC had a lot of other exciting fights on the card. I was very happy when I heard that Nik and I got the fight of the night!

MP- You are really racking up the bonuses! You have had 4 UFC fights and have gotten 2 submission of the night, and 1 fight of the night, also you even had a 100k submission of the night put on you by Jim Miller. Whats your secret?


Like what Mr. Dana White says, he likes to reward aggressive exciting fighters. This is my style! I like to take big risks for big rewards, and most the time it works for me.

MP- A lot of rumors saying that Nik Lentz lost, he was going to get cut by UFC for being a boring fighter, do you think you help his career?


I don’t know. But I know I helped him get a 50,000 bonus.

MP- Whats next for Charles Oliveira?


Go back home, see my family and friends, train Jiu Jitsu, and get ready for the next fight. I really want to fight in October UFC in Houston TX. I do all my camps in Houston Gold Team with Macaco. This is like my second home. It would be great to fight in front of my friends…

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He is awesome to watch, no doubt. Phone Post

The reversals he completed were amazing

Very exciting fighter, one of my new faves.

 Something about him, just don't like him.

Although he has incredible hair

My favorite fighter to watch since Wanderlei. Super aggressive and fearless.

 He could definitely teach other fighters the anti-lay & pray strategy he's using....

Olivera gave Miller sub of the night bonus. He didn't have to cheat to get it either.

NarlyPersianDude - This kid is one of my favorite fighters, just relish seeing him fight. This kid is what mma is truly about. You wont see any Clay Guida Breeneman bullshit of laying on people and stalling and playing to outdated rules, just pure heart and gameness.

This guy is remarkably amazing, possible hall of famer, yeah I said it.

Get the fuck out. The only decent comp he has faced he got beat in the first round. future hall of famer!

^ A lot of 21 year olds are ready for a top lightweight like Jim Miller...


 There is a whole new breed of fighters, Oliveira, Barboza, Aldo, Nunes and Michael McDonald that just popped up over the last couple of years.  Absolutely awesome fights.