I Hope Rampage Wins

I'm not a very religious person...and I didn't like it when Rampage said that if you think evolution is real you had no self-respect. It irritates me when people have that "if you don't beleive in my religion, you are stupid" attitude.

But, I still hope Rampage wins.

If he is a happier person now and feels like he has improved his life...then I am happy for him.

I think Rampage is the coolest guy in MMA. He'd be the most fun to hang out with.

Also, he has put in so much work and gotten so much better in the last couple years. He deserves to be Champion.

I support the black man...in MMA :)

I support the black man

Rampage is fun and down to earth... but too cocky. I admire Rampage's intensity, heart, and attitude...

but I hope Silva knocks his ass out and shuts Rampage up.

I think that both fighters have what it takes to beat each other. I also think that this fight will be much closer than the last one, as both fighters were tired from their previous fights.

Silva or Rampage victories will be great! this is a win-win situation for all fight fans, because you know that it's going to be one hell of a fight!