I hope those knocking WEC guys are eating sh1t

 Durr, WEC guys are a level below the UFC, otherwise they'd be in the UFC!

What's up now, tards.

Cerrone 3-0 in the UFC, Henderson dominates Bocek and then DESTROYS #1 contender Miller -- whom most of you said should have had a title shot by now -- worse than ANYONE has ever done before.

The best organization in MMA history has brought in some of the best fighters in the UFC. 

Let's all give thanks to the WEC.



 Henderson/Cowboy I, Henderson/Pettis, and now Henderson/Miller are among my favorite fights of all-time. And then the ease with which he subbed Cerrone (and to a lesser degree Varner)...the guy is the realest of deals. Very strong wrestler; excellent standup; very, very fast; absolutely unreal cardio; and as far as I'm concerned, he has proved that he is unsubmittable. Add in the fact that he supposedly choked out Melendez in 90 seconds at a Grappler's Quest only a couple years ago...


I am not surprised by the success of Henderson, pleased to see it. I want to see Henderson vs Josh Thomson, two of my favorites. Where is Thomson these days?

 Henderson vs Thomson would be sick, although I think it would probably be kind of similar to this fight. I don't see anyone submitting Ben from the bottom and these days I think he'd outwrestle Josh.

But anyway, Ben needs to be fighting for the title ASAP.

I think Thomson could give him trouble with his striking, like his performance vs Melendez the first time. Ben seems to be improving rapidly, I hope they don't rush him too soon. I'd prefer to see him fight Edgar than Maynard.

 Josh's striking just hasn't looked nearly that tight since his injury, though.

I don't think anything would be too soon for Bendo at this point. He is what, 21-1 or something? Dominated one of the absolute top guys in the UFC. He's got all the skills. Someone said in another thread he just took 3rd in the Mundials at brown belt? This guy is a phenom.

He has more experience than Maynard and Edgar, in MMA and submissions, and he was a wrestler before either, like them.

He's 12-2 in pro MMA according to this site, 14-2 counting his amateur record. He's older than I thought though, just seems young. I'm not saying he isn't ready just no need to rush it. Everyone gets really excited after a great performance like tonight but the next performance might not be so dominant.

The pendulum does swing the other way though, in all fairness.

The WEC Lightweight Champion lost his UFC debut to a gatekeeper.

The WEC Welterweight Champion lost his UFC debut to a gatekeeper.

The WEC Middleweight Champion didn't even get brought into the UFC and is losing to nobodies.

The WEC Light Heavyweight Champion won his UFC debut and then went 0-3 in the UFC.

The WEC Featherweight and Bantamweight Champions are both 1-0 in the UFC but those wins were against other WEC fighters. 

Diego Nunes lost to Kenny Florian. Shane Roller lost to Melvin Guillard. Danny Castillo lost to Jacob Volkmann. Brian Stann lost to Krzysztof and Davis. 

The list goes on... but the WEC was awesome and some of those guys (Benson, Aldo, Cruz, Benavidez, Cerrone, Stann, etc.) are really doing big things.

there is no such thing as "wec" fighters and "ufc" fighters... the same guys SHelby and Joe Silva were doing the prospecting and signing.

The only difference was that the prospects that went into the wec were fighting other prospects while the prospects that went into the UFC fought against guys that have context so we got a very good idea where they stood unlike the wec fighters even though they were the same level of prospects.

Now that they're in the UFC we have context.

The "wec" guys were always "UFC" caliber because it was essentially the UFC (zuffa) who was doing the prospecting.

How'd OP know my wife cooked dinner? Phone Post

I had Miler rolling through Henderson. I will eat my shit sandwich now while happily watching the whole card again.

NarlyPersianDude - fyi, here is the op I made 3 hours ago, that has gotten over 1000 views, it is on this thread, "LOL at the dummies(about wec lw's)"
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"I remember all over this forum, people where shitting on the wec's lws, I was telling you guys from the get go these guys are the real deal


Who is laughing now"

I wonder if that was a blatant copy by orcus or mere cowinkdink


nobody cares dude. go bump your own thread and talk to yourself.

and op i agree.

Something funny about to guys wanting to ban each other from the UG, then making the exact same thread saying the exact same thing minutes apart and then fighting about it.

MrColdCock - Something funny about to guys wanting to ban each other from the UG, then making the exact same thread saying the exact same thing minutes apart and then fighting about it.



WEC LW vs Strikeforce LW division..

NarlyPersianDude - this op by orcus is like a blatant copy of the thread I made a couple of hours ago, that is on the first page of this forum


Shut the fuck up.

You come into a thread that is 100% about MMA and talk shit?

That's just trolling.

Go away already you sad little man.

Agreed OP, and great thread idea!!!