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added an "Email me" thread and realized that I hate those, so
my apologies, and now some legit fight discussion: "With the
uproar at Mr. Patry of TKO, will Apex start to take over the
Canadian market?" Talk amongst yourselves

added an "Email me" thread and realized that I hate those, so
my apologies, and now some legit fight discussion: "With the
uproar at Mr. Patry of TKO, will Apex start to take over the
Canadian market?" Talk amongst yourselves

The Apex card and review looked pretty good, and they
seem dedicated the production quality.

This IMO was the Post of the Year ... Patry's former partner telling it like it is !!!

From: PeteRodley

Date: 12/09/04 02:16 PM Member Since: 05/29/2003
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Well Stephane called. I am so glad to see that things have not changed since 2000. I simply asked him to remove any reference to "past partners" and the events leading to them leaving the fold. As always, when confronted, Stephane passes blame and tried to turn things around....actually called me an idiot. Wow now that is major league class eh?

So I say that before his # 3 (below) their needed to be a 2.5
"3- After UCC 8 where we lost a lot of money (more than 75k), we had to do a cash call within the company and some of my partners couldn't follow and we had to take different routes. Does that mean we screwed them? "
Well lets look at WHY the organization was put into sooo much debt. Without getting into details I will keep it simple. '

UCC 1-3. Ill leave out the original details to preserve Stephanes safety. I will say that when "the papers" said a loss...all sorts of new furniture, BIG TV, trip to Brazil (ask Midoux and Potvin) and many other items began appearing in Stephies world. While I was led to believe that the company was running at a loss. Did I mention I have 3 kids to feed unlike Stephs only need to feed his addiciton to Hookers and smiling with his thumb in the air.

UCC 4 . Steph brings someone into the fold (again no names) who I did not know and recommended not bringing in. Again Rodley's word is not heard and UCC gets taken to court after UCC 4, likely because of lies told to said person and obvious breaches in any agreement Stephanie made with him. So again...we loose profit, Pete stays in Montreal for several days in courte because Steph scrambles to fuck someone.

UCC 5 . I highly suggested a tent be built over the ring. I was under the impression that their was one UNTIL I ARRIVED WITH THE FIGHTERS. I saw having a tent as a must...my "partner" at the time did not listen to reality. Due to this we made history with our classic rain out. Funny thing is that it was ME who had to address the fighters and fans (remember that guys?). Why you ask? Because Stephanie was crying in his car, not a figure of speach guys, I mean tears, fluttering lips and everything.

UCC 6 and 7 things are getting back on track despite my eyes opening as to the person I am dealing with. (funny thing is that I was warned that "I have no clue as to who I am dealing with"...boy I should have listend)
UCC 8..in a nut shell. As a long time business man I saw Rimouski as the most unlikely place to have a show. AGAIN "Pete doesnt know what he is talking about" so Steph declared that he is doing that show anyways and does not care what anyone things. This was soon after he took Tyson St Pierre for 20K.

After this event I get a call from Steph saying that he is doing a "cash call". So after proving time and time again that he is a constant bull shitter, terrible business man, missing common logic, able to forge "numbers" (remember I saw you change IFC numbers with my own eyes), disregard my wifes feelings, disrespect my wife and children....I am asked to chip in more money above what we agreed (in writting) to put in. Seeing that Stephane is the cause of the tremendous deficit..who in their right mind WOULD give this crook more money? May I ad that in our contract we were supposed to have regular meetings to assure proper business practice. I think I aggressively asked for "official numbers" to be sent to me for over 6 months. Finally I get an email with made up numbers from this clown.
SOO I called Steph and told him I have no interest in risking my reputation anymore and agreed to XXX ammount of money as a buy out. We signed a document that stated I will get XXX ammount by....OK YOU READY GUYS??? SEPTEMBER 30...2003 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I have sat here waiting all this time. Trying to remain civil and not stoop to anyones level.
Today I read Stephanies desperate post only to see my situation played off like "well my partners were not chipping in so they deserved to be ousted"
The only person paying is YOUR COUSIN Marc. He put in 2grand at first (ucc4) because you needed that 2G's that week. For the cash call I was aware of you told me that you covered his investment BECAUSE IT IS YOUR COUSIN. So did you ever tell him our little secret that you winked at me about in Burger King that day he signed? I bet not! Is he aware of the "people" your involved with? I bet not! I am sure that his wife and kids would love to know who daddy is brushing shoulders with. Marc you are a soft little sucker ...sorry to tell ya.

You play JT against me and visa versa, same with Joe, Geoff, geez you tried it with everyone but guess what son.....YOU HAVE RUN OUT OF BRIDGES TO BURN AND YOU ARE ON A VERY SMALL ISLAND WITH 2 OR 3 POOR SOULD WHO YOU WILL SOON EAT IN ORDER TO SURVIVE. Its funny Stephane..some of the very people who toot your horn now were the brunt of your jokes at the Grand Prix years ago. I can remember fighting with you because a well repected fighter came to us and had a 4 fight loosing streak only to be publically insulted by you because of his less tham desireble record. I think the exact quote was" just tell him to shut the fuck up and be lucky he is fighing for us". Anyone who knows me knows that aint my style son. O yeh what about your views on a proposed main event fighter who was pissed about not getting what you promised. It was me who kept them on track while apoligizing for your lies....only to see you not pay them for the fight. Im sure there are a few UFC vets who would love to know your true thoughts of them....actually Im sure there are hundreds of people who would love to know how you really think of them but I am sure that by your actions they are quite clear on what your all about.

And before you start the whole "Pete didnt do any work for the UCC " blah blah. Every bridge I built , you burnt. Every connection I made, you screwed up. Every suggestion I made, you did the opposite. Then ask me for additional money to FIX YOUR FUCK UPS.
And before Marco jumps in...stay out of it son. You were still shitting yellow when I started in MMA. Nothing personal just stay fucking clear man.
Anyone who knows me knows that this post is very out of character for me but I am beyong being a nice guy with this clown.
Keep the money you ripped me off for. I dont even want it. My reward for my patience will be reading that you hung yourself finally you little cunt.
Need a rope bitch?

BTW ... APEX will Rock !!

Bluenamer needs to post that on Jason Reinhardt's thread