I knew it!!! UFC....

I knew ufc is starting to hurt...Or need ratings. They need wrestlers to help boost there revenue.... Like don't cash in right away, wait to see how he does in a few fights not just because he talks all charismatic and stuff
. Dude just jumped right in....I love the UFC but I just wished. They didn't have to turn to a wrestler for some ratings... It would be kind of cool if they got a boxer instead wwe wrestlers.. and on a side note I can't wait for Diaz vs Anderson!! Phone Post 3.0

Cool... Story... Bro... !

How about the fact they have to borrow someone Vince McCann built. They are not capable of building stars anymore. Great promoters they are. Phone Post 3.0

That was... Sorta.  Annoying... To Read!!

mixedmartialfarts -

That was... Sorta.  Annoying... To Read!!

I'm baked Phone Post 3.0