I know a guy who went to HS with Dan Henderson AMA

 I visit a message board and there's a member there who went to high school with Dan Henderson and Henderson's brother.  Ask me anything.

How does this guy know everything about Dan Henderson when he went to HS w/ him 20 years ago?

Doesn't Hendo post here? Why would people need to ask you to ask someone else to ask Henderson questions? Seems like a lot of work to find out what Dan's favourite colour is.

 hold on guys i'm waiting for a reply

Who gives a shit, can you ask him that? Phone Post

 ok I've asked all your questions on the message board.  Waiting for a reply

 ask him what he thinks about Tim Tebow.

What's his brother's name? Who was a better wrestler? Was Dan a bully? Phone Post

 I'm sick of asking him.. ask him yourselves...

I went to HS with Dan Henderson, ask me anything 

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.4 but now .9 since no one knowes what you're talking about